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Musician, Luthier, Software guy, Dog lover, Fly fisherman, Freethinker
Musician, Luthier, Software guy, Dog lover, Fly fisherman, Freethinker


Just got a Magic Yoyo Stealth Bi-Metal yesterday. First impressions: Wow!

I want to play with it for a few days before writing up my impressions, but it's super light, super fast, and incredibly stable. I can see why all the pros seem to be moving to Bi-Metal yoyos.

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Is the 1986 version of Axis And Allies hardcore enough for you? Actually, tonight was just a rules review.

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There was a conversation over at asking how much your shelter system weighs. Since that kind of talk is exactly what we do here I thought I'd share my answer.

This is from memory so I may be off by an ounce or two.

Hammock system:
10.5' hammock, whoopee slings, tree straps, stuff sack 1# 2oz
12' Sil Nylon tarp, zingit line, tarp flies, stakes 1#7oz

Total 2# 9oz

Now, if we include quilts then we're no longer talking shelter system, but shelter plus sleeping system.

20 degree home made top quilt 1# 10 oz
Home made bottom quilt 1# 12 oz
Total 3# 6 oz

That brings my entire shelter/sleeping system to 5# 15 oz. I've slept comfortably in this system down to 24 degrees.

If I go to ground then it's:
Tarptent Squall II 2# 2oz
Thermarest Large XLITE air mattress 1#
20 degree home made top quilt 1# 10 oz
3 mil painters drop cloth ground cloth 2 oz
Total 4# 14oz

So going to ground, even with a 2 person tent saves me a pound.

However, if I go to ground with just the tarp then the 2# 2oz tent is replaced with the 1# 7 oz tarp which brings my total weight to 4# 2 oz which is darn close to the ultra light rule of thumb of each of the "Big Three" should weigh 2 # or less. If I use my G4 pack which is 17 ounces (but in reality, 22 ounces with the trifold pad which is used for support) then I'm at 5# 8 ounces which is right in the pocket for ultralight.

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Hi folks:

I'm trying to color the background of some table cells.  I know how to do this normally be setting up a renderer and then setting the attribute to some style based on some calculation.

However, I now have some data which has many lines with line breaks.  I would like the entire background to have the color rather than just the part of the cell with text in it.

My code in my cell renderer is = Ext.getCmp('MainViewport').getRTNDashboardErrorsBackgroundColor(record,value);
return value;

and the getRTNDashboardErrorsBackgroundColor method has this code:

var errorText =;
var bgcolor = '#008000';

    bgcolor = '#ff0000';

var style = 'background-color: ' + bgcolor + '; white-space:normal !important;';
return style;

How can I modify this to set the entire background to the proper color?

Thank you.

(Note:  I've blurred out the data in the cells because it's proprietary company data.  But assume that there is multi line text in those large cells)

I'm running an experiment for the next few weeks. I'm learning some slack tricks and I noticed that my yoyo string wasn't holding string tension for more than a throw or two. How do I fix this? What's the best string? That sounds like a testable problem.

So I just bought some different yoyo strings and I'm going to set them up on different yoyos and see how different strings hold string tension and how that affects the ability to do slack tricks. The string selection is:

Kitty String Normal
Kitty String 1.5
Ammo String
Venom String
Twisted String
Kevlar String

I'm going to set up 6 yoyos, one with each string to get a feel for the differences. Then I'll choose a single yoyo and do the same tricks on the same yoyo with each different string. I'll report my findings here.

Science! It Works!

My preliminary research shows that the Kevlar string is extremely soft and feels quite fat. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to hold string tension any better than the Kitty string. The normal Kitty String is my standard string and it's the one that was causing the original problem. After half an hour it won't hold tension at all.

The Ammo and Venom feel so similar that I can't tell a difference by feel. They're both really nice and seem to hold tension well. I haven't spent enough time with the Twisted string to form an opinion and I haven't thrown the Kitty 1.5 at all yet.

Stay tuned . . .

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I am SO going to work on this. What a cool repeater trick.

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More photos of the upcoming Magic Yoyo bi-metal

It can't happen soon enough for me.

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Here's a good article on how much weight can be saved by rethinking your "Big Three".

Remember, you're really only packing "The Big Three" (Pack , Shelter, Sleeping System) and "The Other Three" (Clothes including rain gear, cook kit including water filter, and personal ditty bag).

He talks about the Squall tent by Tarptent. I have the larger 2 person Squall II which is still only 2# 2ozs. It can be done.

Rumor has it that Magic Yoyo is releasing a bi-metal called The Stealth.

Luke, Do you have any inside scoop about it?  I would buy one (or maybe three) in a heartbeat.

I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing a couple Magic Yoyo Silencers into the house. Only 15 days to go.

BTW, you folks do know the 4 stages of Santa right?

1. You believe in Santa
2. You don't believe in Santa
3. You are Santa
4. You look like Santa
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