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The tree leaves have turned the canopy into a natural pinhole camera

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My friend Tyler just chased a bunch of Nazis out of his home, but now he needs your help

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This seemed like an appropriate place to share this

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Matt's a smart guy who writes smart things about life, culture, and games. Matt's fiancee Emma is a talented artist who has been facing a rare, highly aggressive, but potentially treatable form of cancer. They're both facing harder realities than I hope to ever be able to understand, and they could use help. Fortunately, there's a way you can give it.

If you can spare a donation, please consider doing so. If you can't, please consider sharing this post.

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I have no justification for buying this, already owning a POG2 and not playing nearly as much as I'd like to as is, but this is really rad

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If you've got 30 minutes and are willing to hand-wave away some math stuff, this is a pretty reasonable primer on the theory behind physically-based rendering.

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This is what happens when Motion Capture, Physical Simulation, and Physically-Based Rendering have a baby

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You find one (or more) of these in a ruin. What are they? What are their properties?

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I'm going to pull out two quotes from this essay and point something out:

(1) The highly educated, high-income, finance-literate readers of my website, Naked Capitalism, don’t just overwhelmingly favor Bernie Sanders. They also say “Hell no!” to Hillary Clinton to the degree that many say they would even vote for Donald Trump over her.

(2) "I have reached the point where I feel like voting for Trump against Clinton would be doing my patriotic duty. … If the only way to escape a trap is to gnaw off my leg, I’d like to think I’d have the guts to do it.”

What do highly educated, high-income, finance-literate readers of Naked Capitalism have in common? They have nothing at stake.

Because Trump, for all of his putative working-class appeal, is running on a platform of reestablishing the American racial hierarchy which existed prior to, say, the 1980s, and which still exists (in a much-diminished form) today. What do highly-educated, high-income, finance-literate people have in common? They're mostly white. They're mostly above the age where they're at risk of being drafted. They're mostly sufficiently financially secure that they could endure an American debt default or other apocalyptic financial crisis.

They're not telling us they'll bravely gnaw their own leg off and vote for Trump. It's not their leg in the trap. They're telling us they're willing to throw others under the bus: not just passively, by preserving their moral purity and staying home, but actively, by voting for someone who is running on a platform of harming people who are valid subjects of moral concern.

There's something darker going on here: these are not people who are trying to preserve their moral purity. They're people who are trying to claim the benefits of a white supremacist order while disclaiming that that's what they want.
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