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Chuck Norton
Lover of Coffee, Pipes, Longboards, & oh yeah - websites
Lover of Coffee, Pipes, Longboards, & oh yeah - websites

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Mark, maybe I missed this here - but I didn't see where you " enable both Check Spelling While Typing and Correct Spelling Automatically." I've looked all around on Mountain Lion, but can't find it. 

Thanks in advance!

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has anyone ever read 'the macintosh way' by guy kawasaki (an apple manager in 1983-87)? It's 2:30am and, obviously having nothing better to do, I decided to read most of it.

It's great. What ironic & satisfying is that it was written in 1990 - all its rhetoric about Apple's great practices & reputation are par on in 2011.

Mad Men now on Netflix instant. Bad new for my sleep habits.

Watching Ken Burns Jazz... on Episode 2 & in a trance. I think Burns is officially my favorite filmaker.

I have been racking my brain (as many of you have) to guess how Google + will actually effect Facebook/twitter/foursquare/etc.

I'm finally convinced it won't really hurt FB all that much. Maybe people will use FB different. But FB has a great proposition (helping physical friends stay in better contact). They do that really well. Plus my grandpa isn't gonna dump fb after we hassled him for years to join.

However, TWITTER is gonna be ROCKED! Not this second... some people are too addicted right now. But + operates very similarly to twitter (public & follows), & doesn't need apps to make it work correctly.

What do you think? Am I close??
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