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Modern Times

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Have a Nice Day
  After skipping several monthly tests, yesterday I finally remembered to make a routine check of  the panic button I wear around my neck.   Remembering how loud the other alarm -- the door/window thingie -- is, I scooted not too close to that little speake...

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This clunky AOL server
doesn’t always bring up emails I sent in the past few days, but I think I told
the kids, in Monday’s good-morning-I’m-still-here note, that I was expecting the
podiatrist for a house call that afternoon.   Cleaning lady on Tuesday.   ...

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Duck Duck Easter
                                                  Well, that's a relief!  I worried last week when the Passover Mallards failed to show up.  But I guess they just got confused by those liturgical calendars -- some years Easter and Passover fall at the same ...

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Last Time Around

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They're Baaack!!!
Wegman's supermarket is suddenly full of Easter candy, with Peeps in all sorts of configurations -- surely there were not this many variations in earlier years?  For my birthday I received a pack of three large orange ones "DIPPED in decadent orange fudge" ...

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Visa Secret Revealed
Just got my Visa bill, realized I didn't make a payment in
January.   So I called the phone number, finally got to say "representative", which brought up a  live person -- her name was Tiffany so we know she was young --  "What can I do for you?"  "Well, I...

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Back to the '60s!
 I still read the obits every morning, and I always check the first words   "died peacefully in her sleep " --  (how do they know it wasn't terrifying?)   Sometimes it's "at home surrounded by his loved ones" (a consummation devoutly to be wished, btw ..)  ...

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Here's a First!
Could it have been half a century ago that Anna made paint-by-number portraits of The Beatles?   I guess if you live long enough (and I have) what goes around comes around. At any rate, here's what the magazine from Cornell Ornithology looked like in the ma...

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Balanced -- and a Bargain!
      As a public service, today's post is all about a perfectly balanced bargain meal --and  one that can be eaten without having to leave the driver's seat.  For your reading pleasure I append a McDonald's check and here's your script:       First, you dr...
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