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Khekpa or is it head hunter?
From my early childhood
days itself, I use to hear people scaring their little ones by saying about
khekpa.  How they kidnap you and then
feed you good food and then put you in between walls to die. I don’t know how far
it is true but to make it more realis...

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New beginning
What has happened in this past one year? Time seems
to be fleeting at the speed of light.  During
this time last year we were working on our final project presentation to the
external examiner. This project stole my peace for two final semesters. I always

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Longest break
It has been very long time since I
have last updated my blog. I do have bunch of excuses that are not valid. May
be I am good at giving excuses only. Blog has been my only platform where I
dump my emotional bull shit. The only reason I created my blog. It h...

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Out of blue
It was raining heavily as I ran
to a restaurant for a shelter. I have forgotten to take my umbrella as usual
even though my wife reminded about it several times. As I walked inside the restaurant
I came across a familiar face. Both of us looked at each othe...

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Hardest answer
There is a
part of her that is dark Beneath that
calm soul demon lurks Often wondered
why demon dwells inside her But for so
long she hasn’t received the answer She heard
people calling her calm person Yet she
reminded them of having darker side They laughe...

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Some years ago (high school) I listened
to some talks by some well known people but it seems I was not that mature
enough to grasp what they said. We were asked to sit in the multi-purpose hall.
We were excited not to listen to the talks but to escape from ...

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For those people who likes listening to motivational speeches. I got this site from one of my lecturer.

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