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Good Writing + Open Education = Me
Good Writing + Open Education = Me

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It's Spring Break, so I am back.

Teaching is both a vocation and profession. Teaching is a vocation because so much of it is about working with others; it demands people who can be other-centred. Teaching is also a profession because teachers should have skills and content and always be updating them. Teachers should not be the centre of their students' learning but help students figure out how they learn and what are the best learning practices for the 21st century.

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I wrote a blog post about an iPad app project I assigned to students in my Big Book: Jane Eyre class.

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Thought I would share my blog post on the DS 106: Daily Create assignment with #ooe13 on creating a list of non-resolutions. This might be helpful as we think about developing our personal learning networks in 2014.

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I wrote a blog post about plagiarism and how teaching writing as a process can help address student plagiarism. Any thoughts?

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I recently used Google Cultural Institute for my Myths and Patterns class. Has anyone used it before? I created galleries of representations of Greek & Roman, Norse, and Egyptian gods. Students liked it because their textbook only has text. They can see how the gods have been depicted in art through time. I am still exploring it and figuring out all the ways I can incorporate it into appropriate units.

Google Cultural Institute is a partnership between Google and "hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to host the world’s cultural treasures online" (website).

I haven't been a good moderator because I am juggling so many commitments. How do people manage their time so that a great PD opportunity like this doesn't fall by the wayside?  I created a new schedule that included #ooe13 and still haven't been able to keep to blog regularly or post to the G+ group consistently. Any advice?

+Katryna Scott +janet webster+Brendan Murphy created a group for those of us in the humanities.

This space is for those of us who teach in reading and writing intensive subjects and want to explore how education technology can help teaching and learning

This question is for Brendan Murphy and anyone who assigns presentations (using Google Presentation, Prezi, Keynote, or PowerPoint). Last night, Brendan mentioned that he lines up student presentations. How do you do that? Is there a particular app that you use?  Anyone else can chime in with what they do to limit the waste of time from switching from student laptop to student laptop when student presenters change.
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