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I'm prepared for death
I'm doing shit load of cardio and one powerlifting workout a week. For my cardio it's 3 minute intervals of high pumps and high knees HH, light dumbbell swings overhead and vertical lifts. I do this for 30 minutes 5 days a week. On Friday I do a 3x3 workout...

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Everyone one can eat shit!
Today is the
dawn of a new era. Rant is done with all the bullshit. Fourteen years of the corporate
grind is coming to an end. Twenty years of putting everyone on earth before me
is over. It won’t happen overnight but anything and everyone that is not on

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Swinging my way through a divorce.
First off,
thanks to those of you who commented and shared what you have experienced with
the menopause thing. Wife had a hysterectomy of few years back and has never
been 100% since then.  It’s fucked up. I’m
trying to look at it like this. I went through ...

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Life sucks.
Right now I am
going through one of the worst down periods of my life. Unceremoniously, my
wife announced that she wanted a divorce.  This was in late June. I was stunned and still
am. I understand her reasons, I suppose but they aren’t the kinds of things ...

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Workout update
was Tuesday so it was my cardio day. I did a man maker of sorts. Set the timer
for 16 minutes and did swings followed by heavy hands marching in place with
the 5lbs dumbbells. This was a lot harder than it sounds but I found it
productive.  Right ...

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I'm still here.
I’m back.
This has been the summer from hell. Rant is going through all kinds of personal
shit that really sucks. What can you do? Life just has a way of just fucking
coming at you. You can either retreat or keep marching through the storm. I
choose to keep...

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Follow Rant on facebook
Rant is now a facebook maven. Find me on facebook and friend me. I post my workout shit there for now.

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Murdering muslims
All I can say is that we can expect a lot more of this crap from Muslims. Until the president and all these other feckless leaders start calling this what it is is, nothing will change, other than your life becoming a hassle with useless security measures. ...

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My progress
I have settled into a nice routine. I am eating a high starch diet, and as we all know  a high starch diet diet is the way to go. The weight is steadily dropping and my strength is improving. Right now I am doing squats, snatch grip deads, weighted chins, w...
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