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Getting Settled
It's been forever! I have been adjusting to a new routine and you know how that goes.. My job has been really wonderful I work really early (6am yikes!)  so by the time I'm off, I usually need a little nap :) but the good news is I am off by 3 ish so I have...

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San Jose Lately
Hi my sweet family I miss you all soo soo much, words cannot begin to express July has always been one of my most favorite months  non stop BBQs, fireworks, pool parties, endless family gatherings I know this has gone one without us and I can't help but fee...

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5 Stretches for EVERY Runner
Hello everyone! So I was asked to do another blog post for my FINAL  class of my undergraduate college career The class will be ending in TWO  weeks which is really hard to believe... The end is so near!!  Let's be real...  The thought of being done with co...

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It has clearly been forever since I have written anything but with Jack and I moving in the next few weeks and everything else that has been going on I really want to get back into it! So yesterday I completed my second full marathon! I was a TON of hard wo...

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yay yay yay!!!
#FiberIsComing to Salt Lake City. Woohoo! Now begins the hard work of building and designing the network. Get updates on our progress at

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Gosh where has the time gone?! Things have just been so crazy I feel like I haven't even had two seconds to myself so I don't really even know where to begin How about the fun stuff :) Jack and I went to Hawaii! we were in Kona I can't even explain to you h...

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Word of the Year
I love  setting goals! It's seriously my favorite thing I don't know about you guys.. but  nothing makes me feel better than accomplishing one of my New Years resolutions Or reflecting on who I was this time last year and noticing little things I have done ...

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It's Official!
Well guys big news!!! The Borens are MOVING! yep  after months of filling out applications and decision making we have officially accepted an offer in..... drum roll!!!!!!! San Jose!!!!! wooooooo wooooooo woooooo My sweet hubs was offered this amazing posit...

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Hey, it's OKAY!!
Anyone who knows me knows... I am a planner a serious one at least when it comes to my life paln sometimes it's a good thing but sometimes it really causes me to beat myself up a lot.... because you know... some things don't go as planned I have been a prod...
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