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Is G+ a Quora killer? I think it will be 4 me. Can't ...take...another.... cool....tool
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I've gotten quite frustrated with Quora. So many of the questions don't sound like questions to me as much as they are posturing for showing off what a person believes about a topic.

Am I being too cynical?
I don't use Quora to share info with my groups, that's what I'm enjoying most about G+ - the items I'm sharing are going to a more specific group of people. (As well as the content I'm receiving)
Google+ is indeed a nice way to learn/share information with specific groups, but the general stream is quickly becoming useless. It's becoming like Twitter but without the 140 character limit AND with comments attached to each update (unthreaded, to boot). Safe to say Twitter would not exist today if it had those features.

BTW, I agree with you all about Quora. Seems the only times I end up there are via a Google search for a specific topic.
Agreed Mark - wouldn't you say the "general stream" is the same thing we're all trying to get away from?

If nothing else, G+ has given me a much-needed re-start to being social online with a specific set of people.

Plus, I'm very interested in how the activity will change once the business profiles are made active...
The problem with using Google+ as a closed collaboration group, at least for the moment, is that circles are not persistent across users. In other words, I can create a private circle with +Deborah Mourey and +Eric Miltsch in it, along with others, but neither of you will know the name of my circle, nor will you be able to send a new message to it, without recreating the users in the circle on your end, by hand.

That is inconvenient, of course, and would make keeping circle members up to date across all users a real PITA.

No doubt Google will address this issue, because plenty of people are talking about it.

One potential solution I can see is the ability for users to "share" circles (meaning the list of people in the circle) with others, which means that the circle could automatically update as the original creator/sharer adds/deletes users.
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