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Deborah Mourey
Fun, energetic, strategic marketer, like biz and nonsense. Find joy in the little.
Fun, energetic, strategic marketer, like biz and nonsense. Find joy in the little.

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I'd like that hour back that I lost this week. lol

oh, and I just read David Meerman Scott's post about... if you are job seeker.. you are what you publish. The more senior you are...the more problematic it is if you have no content.

When you Google yourself...what do find. This is just that much worse if you are marketing person. I was determined not to be a dinosaur. It takes everything I have to keep up... but I'm really against the idea of being extinct.

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Yikes, I told you to delete your Facebook page!
Nice: Banks 'friend' people on Facebook, then foreclose on them - Boston Herald (Boston Herald)

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Really interesting. when you look at the G+ directory it says that 800,00 are not on Twitter vs. 150,000 that are and 800,000+ are not on FB vs. 100,000+ who are.
either ppl are not disclosing their other links (my guess) or well, I'm not sure what to think.

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Are we at the peak of inflated expectations on our way to the trough of disillusionment? Well, one thing that's different is that the developers are visibly hanging around (not lurking) and chiming in. 2nd - Google has shown, compared to others, a willingness to help users (think Google takeout). so will it be diff?

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time for nonsense - it's just gotten way too serious around here

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Yeah, we need this circle.

here's what I just read....

" ¹ I lost 34 followers immediately after posting an extension that emulated the appearance of Facebook. Lesson learned"

Hmmm, you say you want a revolution... maybe we got one baby

Is G+ a Quora killer? I think it will be 4 me. Can't ...take...another.... cool....tool
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