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Cheryl Goyer
I have sharp sticks and I'm not afraid to use them!
I have sharp sticks and I'm not afraid to use them!


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Back in Oregon
Unexpected events have facilitated my move back to Oregon. This is a bittersweet move as I also find myself single again. Unexpectedly single.

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Finishing and Beginning
I have continued to draw every day. Mostly my coffee mug, but that's for another post. This post is about finishing the mixed fiber weave a-long that's been languishing on my rigid heddle loom since last May. I finished it a week ago Thursday and warped the...

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Sketching Selfies
I took the Seeing class at Sketchbook Skool and one of the assignments from Koosje Koene's week was to draw 5 selfies. The assignment was interrupted by my trip to Colorado, which was my own fault because I made such an awful drawing of myself on the second...

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October is the month for # inktober , #inktober2016, and I'm making an effort to draw in ink so have decided to participate. I lost a day because I wasn't feeling well but #inktober isn't a contest or a race, and no one is giving out grades or points so, no...

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Continuing on with the discussion of my short attention span, my most recent diversion is my return to sketching. It started when I was bitten by the adult coloring book fad. I have plenty of art supplies and the coloring books are just gorgeous. So I bough...

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Summer and Winter
I'm still plugging away on on my pinwheel towels. Well, to tell the truth I've only woven most of the fourth towel. I've been distracted by other projects and have stretched myself a bit thin. When I wound the warp for the pinwheels I also wound a 7 yard wa...

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I finally wound the 10 yard warp for the pinwheel towels onto the loom and started weaving. Luckily I only had two threading errors that were easy fixes and am halfway through the first towel. I have options for 10 different patterns but only enough warp fo...

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New Home, New Projects
Moving to the Inland Empire gave me more room for my loom setup. The Herald has lots of room around it allowing me to get a warp on it easily. Caroline is happy in the dining area plus having the free-standing warping board right beside her is nice too. I'v...

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Liberate Your Art and Soul
A friend invited me to a postcard swap a few months ago called "Liberate Your Art". I don't know how she found out about it but the info is on Facebook. I signed up and sent my postcards and can't wait to see which ones I receive in the coming weeks. I even...

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I gave a presentation to my weaving guild about spinning silk. My goal was to demystify silk spinning for those wanting to give it a try. Besides spinning silk by itself I also blended it with whatever other fibers were in my stash, including cotton. It was fun preparing and fun giving the talk.
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