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This hand painted pourer would look great on the Christmas table!

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I now have a website!  It has lots of pics of my work, information on where you can buy my ceramics and all my contact details.  Also I will be blogging from that site from now on, so head on over to and check it out!

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Finders Keepers
I am so excited to not only to be exhibiting my ceramics at Finders Keepers, Brisbane in November, but also to be a featured designer this week on the blog .  It's such a fantastic market, can't wait!

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Sculpture Workshop
Yesterday I went to the first day of a two day workshop by the amazing Clairy Laurence, who makes beautiful busts of young girls/women.  The morning was spent shaping the face, neck and shoulders, followed by a delicious lunch served in Clairy's unique bowl...

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Interview on The Potters Cast
Recently I had a great chat about all things pottery, with the lovely Paul Blais, a podcaster from the United States.  If you want to hear a little bit more about my creative journey you can listen to the interview online at The Potters Cast .  I feel very ...

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More Throwing Progress (and a bit of exciting news!)
Last time I was on the wheel, I decided to try and go bigger (because as we all know it's better ha ha!).  A larger lump of clay is much harder to centre and I ended up with a graze on the side of my hand from all the effort, but ended up with three good bo...

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Fresh From the Kiln
In anticipation of the QAGOMA Winter Design Market I (and the kiln) have been in overdrive.  This morning before I went to my teaching job I checked the kiln and there was an error message saying that the kiln had 'fired too long'.  Aaaarggghh, not what you...

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Throwing Progress
Some time ago I posted some photos of my first wheel thrown pots.  I am progressing slowly as I only get to go on the wheel once a week at pottery class, but I am quite happy with the shapes I am getting. I have such an admiration for potters who can make a...

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Winter Design Market
This month I will be having a stall at the Winter Design Market , held on Saturday 19th July at GOMA , Brisbane.  I have been super busy making some new rustic planters, vases and bowls.  Here is a sneak preview!    

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Featured Seller
I am over the moon to be the featured seller on Etsy !!  When I was contacted a few weeks ago, I went into a mild panic. I had to answer interview questions and of course, completely over-thought everything and took days to write a couple of paragraphs.  I ...
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