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Another food writer stricken by "pine mouth." It happened to me years ago and I'm still wary of pine nuts. Happened to David Lebovitz, too.
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I've had it twice. I'm quite wary of pine nuts as well. I pretty much only go for Italian or Turkish ones - but mostly I avoid them. That means pesto is pretty much out for me - it's either made with pine nuts or walnuts (which I'm allergic to).
Cybele - what about pumpkin seeds?
Thanks so much for posting this. I was ready to go to the doctor last fall when the bitterness finally went away. It was a very disconcerting feeling.
+Nicole Hamaker I'll happily try making it with pumpkin seeds for myself - but I just can't order it when I'm out now. But maybe pepitas will catch on, they're cheaper and in SoCal, pretty easy to find.
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