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Fertilized hatching eggs, day old chicks, Nigerian Dwarf goats, jams, jellies, and various seasonal items
Fertilized hatching eggs, day old chicks, Nigerian Dwarf goats, jams, jellies, and various seasonal items

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We have moved. Check out our new website!

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How to Make an Egg Gathering Apron from a Pillowcase

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Replace those dryer sheets with wool dryer balls! #WoolDryerBalls

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English Jubilee Orpington Chickens

The English Jubilee Orpington is a magnificent chicken variety that is the largest of the Orpington breed. While the English Jubilee Orpington has only been available in the US for a short while, the breed has a rich history. In 1897 it was first developed by crossing Spangled Old English Games with Dorkings and then with Buff Orpingtons. The original name, Diamond Jubilee Orpington, was inspired by Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee celebration.

English Jubilee Orpingtons have clean legs and a single comb. They have deep mahogany feathers over the body dazzled with flecks of white, black, ruby, and emerald, truly deserving of their royal name. Their brilliant feathering is extraordinarily fluffy, especially on their rear and thighs. But don't let those feathers fool you! They are not just fluff. English Jubilee Orpingtons are so plump they tend to only fly no more than a couple of feet off the ground, rendering them almost flightless. They are white skinned and solidly plump making them a beautiful heavy roasting bird for the table. They are prolific layers of light brown to cream colored eggs. Hens brood easily and make great mothers. They are cold hardy, healthy, and very sound chickens.

This friendly, gentle variety maybe the most docile of all the Orpington breed. Their striking feather pattern, charming personality, egg production, meaty body, and cold hardiness make them a superb choice to for your backyard flock.
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Tutorial on how to make a gathering apron from a pillowcase to carry all of those farm fresh eggs!

When we were living on the 40 acre homestead before we downsized, we had over 50 laying hens. There were lots of eggs to collect each day. The egg basket that I was using wouldn’t hold them all so I switched to a 5 gallon bucket. I quickly realized that a…

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Wool Dryer Balls - The safe and natural alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets

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Add essential oils to wool dryer balls for an alternative to dryer sheets made of chemicals.

Adding a drop of your favorite essential oil to wool dryer balls is a safe and natural alternative to using dryer sheets made with chemicals.

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Starting the year with our first snow of 2017 and ended up with 9 inches.

Snow in NC tends to be anything from a dusting, icy mix, stealth snow, and sometimes we actually get some descent accumulation. We our starting the new year with our first snow of 2017 and we ended up with about 9 inches after our last measurement.
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