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So my daughter was getting fidgety at the tail end of our trip home that was hell, 8 hour drive. Finally we started streaming youtube videos on our phone since Netflix wasn't connecting. Long story short, found this gem of a cover by Macabre "Minstrels", The Cat Came Back.

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HypnoToad like effect, causing me to reshare AniGif.

I apologize in advance.

Does anyone have a clue as to when the new mythical DirecTivo is going to come out?

THR22-100 supposedly


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Wired reviews the wagon. The wagon that will one day be the cause of my divorce.

I love you dear +Maya Hemachandra!

*excuse the "ad," wired has their articles built to shows ads when you link them in + very annoying

I have 78 T-Shirts. That's all. This does not include my dress shirts or polos.

My wife thinks this is a problem. And now has implemented a rotation rule, 1 new shirt in... 1 old shirt out.

I am not fond of this rule.

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Everyone's posting about the launch (what a beaut!) but we have to get our comment in there, and it is simply "sniff." We're hoping that NASA continues to go boldly--even beyond low Earth orbit--and that projects like the James Webb space telescope continue to be funded.

Posting/Update Oddity, I'm getting notifications for new posts; I can see in my notification window, but the new posts (And even my replies) are not showing up in my stream at all. The +1's are not either.

Anyone else seeing this?

Looks like they show if i close plus totally and go back to it. Refresh issue? But am I seeing new posts and some comments populate. Weird.

The animation of the circle rolling away when you delete one, is cute.

I've done it. I've just closed my Gmail tab and replaced it with my Google+ tab. I get mail notifications in chrome anyway, and the odd Google Chat/Talk handling was getting very annoying.

Was anyone else seeing chat's split between GMail and Plus tabs and not always update the "correct" chat window?

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Seattleites; Have you been caught by or seen the boot police yet?
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