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Ke Chung Kim
BCLS is good things to do for the future of our life-support system. However, many global programs such as BCLS for protecting biodiversity and sustainable development at the grass roots has not accomplished much because many of us living in the developed cannot do too much beyond fund raising and promotion of the concept and ideals of the program for those living at the grassroots because all those on the subject matters are located in distant places in the tropical or less developed regions such as Amazons, Sumatra, Siberia, Africa and many others.  To be effective to meet the missions BCLS we have to find  ways to directly help educate and put those natives live sustainable in those natural ecosystems at the grassroots worldwide so that they can learn what they have in the backyard biodiversity (= biodiversity in locally defined spatial unit where people inhabit and making their life) and how they are supporting their daily lives as they must be managed in a sustainable way for them and their future generations which should help build cultural landscapes and sustainable enterprise.  This requires creative environmental education based on local biodiversity, basic natural resources,suitable to people at different levels from policy makers to local inhabitants, particularly children, If they understand the foundation of biodiversity and ecosystem function/services, they could easily be trained to be self-sustainable to build local economic development for which biodiversity and its ecosystems serve as the foundation of their  life-support system instead of anthropocentrically transforming them into urban and industrial society.  This process not only help maintain their native life styles while their children are educated in sustainable development and carry on modern culture and enhance biocultural landscapes and advancing local culture and local economy.  
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Welcome +Ke Chung Kim . What you describe is exactly the reason why we created and run this community. For instance  +Joe McCarter seems to work exactly on this topic if I understand well what he presented. It would be fantastic if you could develop this topic of education on TEK and modern education for sustaining natural and cultural components of landscapes and seascapes. Waiting to hearing from you. Cheers - jb
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