34 days... in 34 days I will have an empty nest.  In 34 days my baby will be gone and I will be waiting up for a early a.m. phone call saying he arrived safely.  It will be the last time I here his voice, most likely for 13 weeks.  I am excited for his adventure, and for my own. I am also sad to see our time together end.  He is my copy on this earth.  He laughs as the same silly things as me, he gets my jokes, he has the same thirst for knowledge I have always had.  He will still have those things after he leaves and when I see him again after 13 weeks he will still have them, but I know he will be changed.  He will be a man, that's kind of the point... But I will still miss my boy.  I am a very proud mother of Marine Recruit W. A. Fields.
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