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34 days... in 34 days I will have an empty nest.  In 34 days my baby will be gone and I will be waiting up for a early a.m. phone call saying he arrived safely.  It will be the last time I here his voice, most likely for 13 weeks.  I am excited for his adventure, and for my own. I am also sad to see our time together end.  He is my copy on this earth.  He laughs as the same silly things as me, he gets my jokes, he has the same thirst for knowledge I have always had.  He will still have those things after he leaves and when I see him again after 13 weeks he will still have them, but I know he will be changed.  He will be a man, that's kind of the point... But I will still miss my boy.  I am a very proud mother of Marine Recruit W. A. Fields.
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Oh that's so touching. You must be incredibly proud. Semper Fi!

I've been mopey over my two little ones going to summer camp for 2 weeks. I cannot imagine facing an empty nest! ::internet hugs::
Thanks +Stephanie Van Pelt  i keep reminding myself that it is just 13 weeks and then i get to keep him for 10 days before i have to give him back to them.  But Mommy is a bit weepy and mopey tonight.  :) And Yes I am so proud I can barely contain it.
Awww. Send cookies.put a post card in the package.
I can't send cookies.  they punish them if they get anything but letters or photos.  I will write him everyday.
As a veteran who has gone through this... That phone call will be harder on him than you I'm afraid... That will be his last connection to the outside world for awhile. He will feel, as I did, excitment and apprehension as to what will come next... And that will all come to a complete halt when, on the first morning revelle (sp?) a large metal trash can or something large and noisy is thrown onto the floor... Instantly waking up the recruits at 5 am. I wish him luck. I thank him and you for your sacrifices... Semper Fi.
Please thank him for me for serving his country.
Thank you +Stewart Stegeman , for your well wishes and your service.  I think knowing how hard that call will be on him is part of why I know it will be hard on me.
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