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"I'm a dude, writing code for dudes, to write code for other dudes"

Just FYI: Snow at unseasonable times is actually support for the global warming argument.

Why are so many people upset that Apple is labelling the new iPhone the 4s and not 5?

I thoroughly disliked the Kindle. But I think the Kindle Fire might just be the tablet I've been waiting for. Pre-order? Hmmm....

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If only it were true.

you'd think processes consuming so much CPU that I can't even log into a server would be killed off after a while, or at least lapse enough for me to log in. Oi! #HardReset

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This December, “The Reem” will get ready for the New Year in more sedate fashion. This time, he’ll make just one trip up those four steps, but it will be a biggie, as he will compete in the UFC for the first time on December 30th against former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Anyone have experience with ScrumWorks or other CollabNet products?

I need to create a buzzer for my bar fridge to sound when the door is open for longer that some set time. It's not fun to go to the fridge 8 hours later to find out its been open by 2 inches all that time and now your beer is warm.

Fresh cup o' joe, fall breeze coming in my window, and Whoppers(tm) for breakfast. All the fixin's for a productive morning
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