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Premier League Predictions - Week 12
   Chelsea v West Brom [Saturday] Chelsea have been outstanding so far this season. People now expect them to win every game. They host West Brom at the Bridge, many Chelsea fans will be expecting another win. West Brom were robbed last season when they vis...

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Premier League Predictions - Week 11
    Liverpool v Chelsea [Saturday] No matter what Brendan Rodgers says about his team selection against Real Madrid in the champions league, it won't disguise the fact that he threw in the towel even before a ball was kicked. His team selection was a disgra...

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Premier League Predictions - Week 10
Newcastle v Liverpool [Saturday]   Newcastle have suddenly turned the corner, they are now looking like the team to beat. They are winning games again. I bet you won't see any banners or find any fan criticizing the manager in this game. I'm happy for the m...

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Premier League Predictions - Week 7
Leicester v Burnley [Saturday] After thrashing Man U, many thought Leicester would beat Palace last weekend but they lost. They are at home to Burnley, one of the worst teams in the league, if they don't win this. their fans will be disappointed. Burnley ju...

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Premier League Predictions - Week 6
  Liverpool v Everton  (Saturday) This should be a fantastic game, a Merseyside derby. I believe there will be a lot of goals too. Liverpool have been poor of late, and Everton have been poor too. They both have problems defensively. They have conceded many...

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Premier League Predictions - Week 5
  QPR v Stoke (Saturday) QPR were poor against Man U in their last game. They have lost 4-0 twice already this season. But Redknapp is not under pressure i wonder why. But Alan Pardew is under serious pressure. Stoke have been inconsistent so far this seaso...

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Heroin Ship Blown Up In Kenya
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta oversaw
the operation to blow up the ship caught with the heroin haul worth over
$11.3m, World Maritime News reports. The President – aboard a Kenya Air Force
chopper, and the Kenya Navy in the warship KNS Jasiri – led jou...

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Boyfriend Bites Girlfriend
 This horrific pic shows the injuries a girl suffered after her jealous boyfriend sank his teeth into her lips during a kiss. Miss Ward told jurors during the trial Culley (pictured above) had tried
to kiss her and asked her if she still loved him before t...

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FBI 'Probes' Celebs Nude Photos
The leaked photos of Kate Upton and her
boyfriend didn't get out because of an iCloud security breach ... but
instead she may have been the victim of one of the oldest tricks in the
online scamming game. According to TMZ, FBI investigators are looking in...

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Boko Haram Destroys Bama Town
Bodies remain littered on
the streets of a northern Nigerian town two days after it was seized by
militant Islamists, a lawmaker has told the BBC. Boko Haram fighters were patrolling the streets of Bama, preventing people from burying the dead, Ahmed Zann...
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