Support equal treatment for everyone… There are laws to protect society and individuals if someone causes harm…
If you're still against gay marriage, take the time to watch this video especially AFTER Romney leaves, when the Vietnam vet explains quite simply, quite eloquently, why he -- as a gay man -- would like to see his husband have the same rights that would be granted to a mixed-sex couple. 

Aside from that, a highlight was when Romney said, ""At the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear that marriage is between a man and a woman." The US Constitution itself says nothing about what a marriage is. It doesn't mention the word marriage at all.

What it does do, expressly, is form a separation between church and state. It does that not because the US hates religion but because the best way to protect anyone's religion is to ensure that the state doesn't step in.

That's why I always find the arguments against gay marriage so odd, so disheartening. Marriage is both a civil and a religious act. Those against gay marriage seem to feel it is somehow an attack on their religion. It's not. The government isn't interfering with religious marriage, isn't saying it won't recognizing those nor insisting that religious institutions have to marry gays.

But the opposite is sure true, that the denial of gay marriage is an attack on the civil act -- that so many, seemingly for religious reasons, want to push those religious views to prevent civil rights. That's not how America is supposed to work.
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