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Rebecca Kemnitz
She felt that virtue often became a matter of timing...
She felt that virtue often became a matter of timing...

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#RorschachDoodle I see... a butterfly over a catface!

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The last episode of #BreakingBad was perfect. Walt █████ the █████████, Jesse ███████ █████████ Todd, Lydia's ██████ was █████ with ██████.

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I need help and I'm not used to asking for it.

I do not want my friend to die.

I have had Therion and Little Buddha since they were 8 weeks old. They were so tiny that I carried them both home for the first time in one hand.

Late last night I found out that Therion, the one with the white markings, has a urinary tract infection. Especially for male cats, a urinary tract infection is very dangerous and can be deadly in a VERY short time.

The vet needs $400 up front before he will even see him. I've called around to all other vets in the area and none of them are willing to set up any kind of payment plan.

It's simple. If I do not get him to the vet VERY soon he will die, no question about it.

I do not want my friend to die.

I'm a very simple man, I work 2 jobs. I live in an apartment, I drive a 1986 ford pickup. I get by on the money I make, but do not have savings or any other sources that I can tap into to pay for this.

I have a paypal account at

Any "Christmas wish" lists I may have made in the recent past are now null and void. The only thing I want is for Therion to get the medical help he needs desperately.

I do not and have never liked asking anyone for help with anything. I do not have a choice this time. If I do not get help he will die.

I know this is the worst possible time of year to ask for help, but as I said I do not have a choice this time.

Therion and Little Buddha are not just pets. They are my family and have been more than instrumental in my ability to maintain my sobriety. As many of you already know, I am a recovering alcoholic.

If I can get the funds, Therion will be going to one of two clinics.

Hastings Veterinary Clinic
3150 Red Wing Boulevard
(651) 437-5101


Town & Country Veterinary Services
520 Vermillion St
Hastings, MN 55033
(651) 480-1833

I will chose which of these clinics based on the feeling I get from them when I talk to them on Monday morning.

I will provide proof of where these funds go every step of the way. I just want to keep my friend alive and healthy.

If you can, please help. If nothing else please share this post. If I ever needed help from people I do not know personally, it is now

+Anne Onomoose +Charlene Slimp 

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Happy Easter from Bexy and the Peep Killer. Avez-vous faim, René Mishal?

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Mr +Pete LePage crafted this really nice Code Lab to go through constructing a pretty comprehensive webapp using Ember.js, Bootstrap, CORS, H5BP, Lawnchair, App cache, and more. Really fine work.

You need to read this.

No wonder the right has such a malicious obsession with my lady clit has a hood too!

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@bEx_x3d: Not everyone knows this about me but I'm quite the accomplished tiger tamer! #dompteurDeTigre #saveLakelandAnimalSanctuary

Learning to man cotton candy machine for Lakeland Exotic Animal Sanctuaries Fundraiser and Auction 💗 ☆〜(ゝ。∂ )

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Land of Opportunity?

Germany uber alles bitches.
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