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I'm moving!
See you there.

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Jules, my forever model
Yesterday was this girl's birthday. I was unfortunately running around like a headless chicken all day so couldn't post this on time...but you'll forgive me right? :) I've been holding onto these photos for a few months now, taken in New York when she came ...

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seattle sixteen: green

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seattle sixteen: blue

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Here are dogs that are better dressed than you
Last October, I made myself and Ann go to a doggy Halloween costume parade at Thompson Square Park so we could surround ourselves with dogs. So this is what rich people are up to nowadays, I thought, staring longingly at a chihuahua rolling in on a giant pr...

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It's already June...good god. Are we already halfway through 2016? - Summer came at us fast. Literally overnight, I was sweating in my sleep because my apartment traps heat and I didn't have an a/c unit. It's so hot. Even in the middle of the night. I'd wak...

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dia beacon - fall 2015

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Throwback to jeju, in black and white
There are days when I randomly crave Familiar Things from my childhood, like the kind of food I grew up on, sound of the aggressive rain during the monsoon season in Korea, walking around the tiny narrow streets of Korea with my hand in my mother's, or just...

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los angeles x long weekend
To go along with this specific post, I highly recommend reading this article , because I haven't read anything better that describes the struggles of living in both magnificent, beautiful and absolutely ridiculous cities (NYC is currently a madhouse at the ...

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06// W U J U
Past weekend, I met my cousin's baby boy in Atlanta. My cousin, the father of the baby, is the oldest cousin of all, and is the first to get married and have a baby, so this is kind of a big deal (we have a huge family on my mom's side, of two uncles and fo...
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