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No offense to anyone, but I think I may delete all my "circles" in an effort to get out of google+ since they won't let me choose to close this account without losing calendar and gmail as well.  Sorry, but altering a picture of my child without my permission is unacceptable and should be illegal.  I'm out... Signed, screwed by Google.

Once again, I'm trying to let my "circles" know that I am not using Google+ because they altered a photo of my child without permission.  When I asked how to stop using the account, I was informed I would lose all Google services, including my calendar and gmail, if I closed it.  This is outrageous cyber hostage-holding, and if anyone can tell me how to get the rest of my photos off Google+, please do.  I won't be responding to or posting anything else on here.  If you'd like to contact me, I am on FB, where I do not post photos (nor do I use their direct messenger because they ask for too much info).  I want to keep in touch with people, but not on Google/FB terms.  I thought it was a free country with a reasonable expectation of privacy, but I guess it's a new world... Signed, screwed by Google.  

As far as I can tell, I can't delete my google+ account without losing my gmail and any other google service (like calendar?) as well.  Does this seem like bad business to anyone else??  If you have me in your circles, please note that I will NOT be using Google+ even if I can't delete the account, because I am appalled that they mined and altered a photo of my 4 year old (which was posted on my blog - NOT on google+) without parental permission.  Also very bad business!  I say, google  minus.  Minus me, anyway...
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