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Squeaky keyboard

Truely sick and tired of reading about diversity in my feeds. Problem or not I'm sick of reading about it.

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Audit tricks #101.

Log untrusted strings with

audit_log_untrustedstring(ab, someuntrustedstring);

Userspace can decode it with:

audisp -i

Of COURSE 4C696E757820342E352E302D7263362D6B746573742D30303030372D67363262663363652D646972747920756863695F686364 is more readable and useful than "Linux 4.5.0-rc6 uhci_hcd"


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The best explanation of how to deal with the warning:

"WARNING: XXXX already refers to: #'clojure.core/XXXX "

clj-time.core/extend is part of the library's public API so, yes, this is expected.

Your options are:

ignore the warning

do (:use [clj-time.core :exclude extend]) to exclude it (assuming you don't use)

do (:require [clj-time.core :as j]) and then use j/func everywhere instead of raw func names

do (:refer-clojure :exclude [extend]) to exclude the core/extend name

Stylistically, you should use ':use' instead of just 'use' in (ns ..) - the later isn't supported even though it works.

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How work feels recently.
Animated Photo

Nothing like seeing the pro's do your hobby to show how truely amateur one is.

Why are there no email based applications ? Is the interaction too slow ?

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Apple, as usual full of shit till its called out on it:

This is only fixed now, but for petes sake apple.
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