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Interesting +Harvard Business Review article on the impact of certainty on #marketing effectiveness: The more certain we are of a belief--the more confident we are of it--the more we're likely to act on it.

That's why business should do more to boost certainty through #persuasion using the levers of consensus, repetition, ease, and defense.
The more certain people are of their opinions, the more likely they are to act.
Planning a #presentation or outlining text?

Don't start with PowerPoint; instead, start with a blank piece of paper. Low-tech makes expressing and refining your thoughts easier.

That's what +Cole Nussbaumer does, as she shows in a discussion of developing a #storyboard for a chapter of her new book.
Storyboarding is one of the most important things you can do early on in the planning part of communicating with data to help ensure that your overall communication makes sense, meets the given need, and tells a story. A storyboard is a visual outline of the content you plan to create (ideally, before you actually spend time to creating content). I've written about it before here. Rather than talk more about what storyboarding is and...
I have a list of photo resource sites. How do I choose the most effective photo for #visualcommunication ?

This guide by Kaitlyn Ellison via +99designs explains photograph selection criteria and features useful exercises and links.
Learn how to train your eye, selecting the best stock photographs out there.
What's involved in creating and executing a successful year-long #marketing celebration featuring #storytelling ?

Read +Ardath Albee's fascinating anatomy of Emerson's successful year-long 125th anniversary celebration. Via +Content Marketing Institute.
A Content Marketer of the Year finalist shares how a Fortune 500 company celebrated its anniversary with content marketing – Content Marketing Institute.
Don't make investors see red.

In the +Wall Street Journal,  Chana R. Schoenberger reports on new research showing that that "using the color red in logos or elsewhere scared off investors." It demonstrates that "rapid-fire investment choices rely partially on heuristics—mental shortcuts that help people" in quick #decisionmaking.
New research shows that when creating a business plan, entrepreneurs should avoid the color red.
Have you ever had the #leadership challenge--faced by consultants and advisors marketing expertise as well as senior corporate managers--of communicating your worth and skills without sounding like a braggart?

Here are practical #communication tips for those situations, for example focusing on what you do instead of who you are and telling a story--a "bragologue"--about your accomplishments. By +Vivian Giang via +Fast Company Leadership.
In the era of the humblebrag, how do you honestly share your successes without being annoying?
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Want some smart and uncommonly concise guidelines for #writing blog posts?

This post by +Cari Bennette via +BookBaby practices what it preaches about #blogging , with good examples and useful links.
It’s been drilled into authors' heads that we must deliver outstanding content to be successful bloggers. And we must blog in order to promote our books.
Do you, like me, always need new ideas for using visuals in your posts?

Here's are easy-to-apply suggestions for visual metaphors from +Alexander Bigman via +99designs.
What makes a great hero images in a web design? It's often a matter of using photography as metaphor. Here we look at some common ways to achieve this.
+jon kolko in +Harvard Business Review discusses how design thinking is becoming central to organizations focused on understanding complex intangibles (UX) and technologies, and on addressing multi-faceted problems like reinventing health care.

"People need help making sense of them. Specifically, people need their interactions with technologies and other complex systems to be simple, intuitive, and pleasurable...[D]esign thinking—empathy with users, a discipline of prototyping, and tolerance for the best tool we have for creating those kinds of interactions and developing a responsive, flexible organizational culture."
The approach, once used primarily in product design, is now infusing corporate culture.
Want some inspiration for creating #visualcontent ?

This +Kissmetrics review covers the usual types, plus memes and screenshots. With very helpful links!
Visual content can be useful in getting your marketing campaigns to stick and resonate with people. Learn the 6 types of visual content to use in your next campaign.
What's the future of #digitalmarketing for #assetmanagement ?

According to the +Kurtosys survey, writes +Luke Hinchliffe, investors want "more digital touch points" with content to create "high-quality investor experiences."
Kurtosys surveyed a community of asset management marketers. Download the new study on digital marketing practices in asset management.
#digitalmarketing - What sets apart this how-to for visual #storytelling by +Jamie Heckler of +PR Newswire is, no surprise, its savvy about using media.

For example, the thumbnail reflects advice to craft "multiple free-standing visual guides instead of just one really long infographic," so readers can "share more than one visual, generating exponentially more exposure."
When I saw OpenTable’s #SavorTheRoad press release in PR Newswire’s distribution feed, it immediately caught my...
Marketing communication consulting, writing/editing, and presentations/web copy for financial services, professional services, and health care.
After several years in banking, I founded Becker Consulting Services in 1985. I work with clients to make multi-channel marketing communication more effective and efficient, applying expertise in writing, visual communication, and persuasive communication with external and internal audiences. My passion is optimizing the interplay of text, images, and design.

My clients face communication challenges involving complex transactions, processes, and services. Solutions for them draw on my expertise in web-based content marketing, social media, branding, presentation, and integrated marketing. I developed my methods and materials as adjunct Associate Professor of Management Communication in NYU’s MBA program (1990-2004) and update them regularly.

Clients also benefit from my humanities background (Ph.D., English), as a consultant in program development and evaluation and on the faculties of Bryn Mawr College (English) and the University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies). I earned my MBA in Finance at Wharton Graduate School

Client services include:

✓ Writing/editing: marketing materials, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, website copy, proposals.

✓ Visual communication: branding; visual content for social media; presentation and data visualization.

✓ Consulting on persuasive communication with internal and external audiences and stakeholders.

Samples of my work are available at Susan's SlideShare page and Susan's LinkedIn profile.

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