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Financial Advisors, wondering whether maintaining websites and blogs is worth your time?

Learn how they enhance your marketing in my guest blog post for +Digital Agent, a digital marketing tool developed to solve compliance and branding challenges facing the #financialadvisor .
Writing for the web may require adaptation of traditional marketing channels like brochures, but the rewards are well worth your effort. Here are the challenges and how to meet them successfully.
Would you benefit from the efficiiency of integrating useful #writing   advice with sound design principles?

Check out this post from +myTips.
Discover copywriting tips and tricks to boost your user onboarding success.
What's essential for great #dataviz?

+David McCandless, +Information is Beautiful,  identifies four core elements. His interactive graphic helps us see new visual ideas by showing what happens when the elements interact in various ways.
What are the four elements necessary for a good data visualization? Information is Beautiful founder David McCandless shares his experience.
#FinServ - More on #inboundmarketing per the UK FCA.

Examples in +Siobhán McGinty's +Econsultancy post are explained so well, they could give ideas to USA marketers.
Marketing in the finance industry can be challenging at the best of times.
Another way of looking at #presentation ...

+Garr Reynolds offers thirteen quotes from Steve Martin's autobiography and relates them to the world of speaking and presenting.
Very interesting +Rock The Boat Marketing analysis of the kinds of traffic sourced by each channel:

"Direct traffic, organic search and referrals lead to more longer-duration sessions, with more pages viewed."
And how are you doing? Google provides traffic and mobile benchmarks for mutual fund, ETF company Websites. #finserv
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+Heidi Cohen's very useful post re #socialmedia sharing includes research by +BuzzSumo and +Fractl that discusses how platforms differ.
Looking to maximize content marketing social shares? Check out the results of research of 2.6 billion social shares.
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Do you, like me, worry that some unintended #copyright slip will GET you?

Here's a clear, thorough review, with useful links, from +Mark Trenner via +Copyblogger.
Knowing how to proceed when you encounter someone else's copyrighted work online can help keep you out of trouble. Learn these six smart tips ...
"Writing is branding," says +Articulate, so establishing the right tone of voice for your brand is crucial.

This post provides a thorough overview of the process of identifying your brand voice, plus useful links.
Writing is branding. The words you use define how people perceive your business. Get the right tone of voice with this advice from Articulate Marketing.
Want a sense of what life will be like with "over 26 billion things - cars, coffee machines, cows - ...connected to the net"?

Don't miss +Information is Beautiful's lucid and beautiul interactive primer.
What is the "internet of things"? An interactive visualised tour of the tech, the possibilities, main players and the challenges of this new revolution.
Interested in FCA's rules for #socialmedia in the UK?

 +Christopher Ratcliff's helpful +Econsultancy post provides regulatory context and examples of permissible use.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who sound very serious and like you shouldn’t mess with them, has this week “finalised” its guidance for how financial services should use social media.
What types of content are most worth your time and budget?

Learn why in this +Contently post citing survey findings of Ascend2.
What strategies and tactics can marketers employ to engage their audiences?
Marketing communication consulting, writing/editing, and presentations for financial and professional services, NY NY.
My clients face communication challenges involving complex transactions, processes, and services. Solutions for them apply expertise in web-based content marketing, brand communication, presentation, and persuasion. I developed my methods and materials as adjunct Associate Professor of Management Communication in NYU’s MBA program (1990-2004), where I developed and taught the highly rated "Communication for Financial Executives," and update them continually for new media.

Clients also benefit from my humanities background, as consultant in program development and evaluation and on the faculties of Bryn Mawr College (English) and the University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies). Client services include:

✓ Writing/editing: marketing materials, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, website copy, proposals.

✓ Visual communication: branding; visual content for social media; presentation and data visualization.

✓ Consulting on persuasive communication with internal and external audiences and stakeholders.

See examples of Becker Consulting Services' approach at Susan's SlideShare page and Susan's LinkedIn profile.

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