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The Quiet #SEO Influencer: How to Use Visual Content to Build #Brand Signals

Not only photos but large, customized photos, plus charts and infographics. +Neil Patel's +Content Marketing Institute post also includes +Rand Fishkin's helpful chart conjecturing how Google recognizes signals from brands v. generic sites.
Brand signals are the quiet influencer in search algorithms. Learn more and how to boost your visual brand signals. – Content Marketing Institute
Useful summary of +SIFMA #socialmedia seminar, especially: data should drive strategy, and social media is the new 800#.
#dataviz ---Helpful tips from +Jon Schwabish on implimenting +Cole Nussbaumer's  stacked column chart--which shows the desired #design principle of "visual organization"--in Excel.
Adding labels to a stacked column chart in Excel using data, not text boxes.
#dataviz --Don’t miss +Cole Nussbaumer's post about strategic use of preattentive attributes (e.g., color, form, layout) in #design .

Includes exercise that makes using preattentive attributes come alive: You look at sample images, noting where your eyes go, then read explanations of where viewer eyes tend to go and why.
I am incredibly excited to announce that, as of today, my book storytelling with data: a data visualization guide for business professionals is officially published! I'm thrilled to be able to bring the lessons that I've honed over time through my work and in my workshops to a wider audience. Speaking of which, today I'd like to talk about a fun test you can use to help assess the effectiveness of your visual designs. I spend a lot o...
#copywriting --Concise and easy-to-apply post from Articulate on why certain simple words are potent, what words are most sharable on different #socialmedia platforms, and why "persuasive language has a shelf life."
Persuasive words are a copywriter's bread and butter, but what gives them their power? We poke around the brain and explore persuasion.
What's the right way to cite statistics?

+Jon Schwabish discusses three popular statistics about the Picture Superiority Effect ( the higher retention of visual stimuli, as opposed to verbal) that can't be traced to scientific studies but gained currency by being included in inforgraphics, for example. With useful links and examples.
Bad statistics are passed around as truth far too often. Here, I debunk three visualization-related "facts."
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Interested in #dataviz ?

Don't miss your chance to view--and vote for--your favorite of the shortlist of Dataviz websites nominated for the 2015 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.
The +Content Marketing Institute reports on why good #writing should be a 2016 priority, with good suggestions on how how to improve one's own writing and/or hire a writer.
Our B2B roundtable shares why the lowest-ranked priority for marketers is the one thing that almost every brand could do better. – Content Marketing Institute
#writing --Not just another post re #headlines ...

This one is a must-read for discussing research by +Nielsen Norman Group and +Sharethrough on context words and their power, as well as on the importance of channel choice to which headlines are effective.
What really makes us click? We explore the science behind great headlines and the art of writing enticing headlines for different media.
Your #presentation should contain "5 slides only," you're told.

What does this objective really mean, and how do you handle it? See this post by +Nolan Haims.
There has been an increasing trend in companies these days of insisting presentations be limited t...
How to avoid details that hide your #dataviz ‬story?

+Robert Kosara advises focusing on your purpose for a given chart and proves his point in a clear, useful discussion of possible chart revisions.
Kaiser Fung doesn't like this graphic that accompanied a recent story about the bird flu in the Wall Street Journal. His redesign shows a lot less overlap and a lot more detail; so much, in fact, that it obscures the point of the chart. Here is the offending graphic.
Useful choices in +Carly Stec"s +HubSpot post, which includes info on what differentiates each #stockphoto site.
Looking to spruce up your content marketing without breaking the bank? Here are 17 sites that offer free stock photos.
Marketing communication consulting, writing/editing, and presentations/web copy for financial services, professional services, and health care.
After several years in banking, I founded Becker Consulting Services in 1985. I work with clients to make multi-channel marketing communication more effective and efficient, applying expertise in writing, visual communication, and persuasive communication with external and internal audiences. My passion is optimizing the interplay of text, images, and design.

My clients face communication challenges involving complex transactions, processes, and services. Solutions for them draw on my expertise in web-based content marketing, social media, branding, presentation, and integrated marketing. I developed my methods and materials as adjunct Associate Professor of Management Communication in NYU’s MBA program (1990-2004) and update them regularly.

Clients also benefit from my humanities background (Ph.D., English), as a consultant in program development and evaluation and on the faculties of Bryn Mawr College (English) and the University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies). I earned my MBA in Finance at Wharton Graduate School

Client services include:

✓ Writing/editing: marketing materials, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, website copy, proposals.

✓ Visual communication: branding; visual content for social media; presentation and data visualization.

✓ Consulting on persuasive communication with internal and external audiences and stakeholders.

Samples of my work are available at Susan's SlideShare page and Susan's LinkedIn profile.

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