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MeerKat, Periscope, live streaming...

+David Armano points out that the issue isn't which app wins, it's that the fragmentation of video by #socialmedia means that it is impossible for brands and organizations to measure their effectiveness.
Moment in time—the world seems obsessed with the renaissance of app led live video streaming and the rivalry between MeerKat and Twitter backed Periscope. Debating who will win is a moot point. The real winner is digital video in all...
Need images for your #socialmedia ‬ posts?

+Open Culture reports that the Getty has added to its trove, and its Open Content Program facilitates search. (Great Dorothea Lange photo
 in the post!)
When I want to get a good look at the city of Los Angeles, I go up to the Getty Center in the Santa Monica Mountains. I can also, of course, get a pretty good look at some art at the museum there.
Research on #socialmedia sharing from +Suzanne Delzio via +Social Media Examiner.

Interesting finding for bloggers.: Consumers share “List” and “Why?” posts the most.
Are social shares part of how you measure social marketing RO)? Read the most recent findings on social sharing to get the insights you need.
Persuasive, broad-based discussion of the "Mismatch" between firms' digital readiness and client interest in "more interactive multichannel offerings."

From +The Boston Consulting Group.
Wealth managers have been reluctant to adopt digitization despite its huge potential. As a result, they face a growing digital dilemma: embrace change now or have it thrust upon them.
Another grammar myth bites the dust, thanks to +Clare Dodd of Articulate.

Are you ready for phrasal verbs?
Can you end a sentence with a preposition? Believe it or not, a preposition can be the right answer. Discover the facts behind the preposition myth
More useful guidance on #dataviz #design   from +Cole Nussbaumer: Clarify your story by annotating with text.

Interpretive titles, amen!
Why #storytelling matters: A must-read post from +Garr Reynolds on elements of effective #presentations and speeches.

Indelible insights from master storytellers (see the thumbnail below explaining why the first step is to turn off your computer) and a link to Reynolds' TED talk.
In September of this year, I was asked back to the TEDxKyoto stage to give a few words regarding tips from storytelling as they relate to modern presentations. The 15-minute talk can be viewed below. The title of the talk...
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Asset managers' digital capabilities aren't keeping up with advisors' expectation, based on their own client servicing, "that our digital interactions will be highly personalized and relevant to our interests.”

Post by +Danielle Andrus of +ThinkAdvisor, via +Kurtosys.
Are you, like me, nagged by the thought that a new ‪digital #marketing concept has appeared on the web, and you don't know what it is?

Here, from +Christopher Ratcliff of +Econsultancy, are clear definitions, with good links and examples, and just enough irreverence.
We have a simple goal here at Econsultancy, to make the digital world a better place.
Krupp and Schoemaker's new book on #leadership ‬ sounds interesting: "...[N]o business plan survives contact with reality, so you need people who are very good at picking that up quickly and to make adjustments on the fly….”

Edited interview transcript with podcast.
Business leaders often find themselves focused on short-term goals that distract them from creating a longer-term strategy, says Wharton’s Paul Schoemaker.
+Kurtosys reports results of survey of ccounting and finance firms. Post includes industry-focused ideas re increasing visibility of experts and multi-channel #marketing of all services.
Attracting and developing new clients is the #1 strategic priority for firms. As they generate new biz, what are their other top marketing initiatives?
+Cole Nussbaumer explains key #dataviz #design principles:

Using preattentve attributes to direct the viewer and establish a hierarchy of information.
Marketing communication consulting, writing/editing, and presentations for financial and professional services, NY NY.
My clients face communication challenges involving complex transactions, processes, and services. Solutions for them apply expertise in web-based content marketing, brand communication, presentation, and persuasion. I developed my methods and materials as adjunct Associate Professor of Management Communication in NYU’s MBA program (1990-2004), where I developed and taught the highly rated "Communication for Financial Executives," and update them continually for new media.

Clients also benefit from my humanities background, as consultant in program development and evaluation and on the faculties of Bryn Mawr College (English) and the University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies). Client services include:

✓ Writing/editing: marketing materials, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, website copy, proposals.

✓ Visual communication: branding; visual content for social media; presentation and data visualization.

✓ Consulting on persuasive communication with internal and external audiences and stakeholders.

See examples of Becker Consulting Services' approach at Susan's SlideShare page and Susan's LinkedIn profile.

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