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Very insightful matrix for assessing #leadership . The best leaders are both opinionated and adaptable (e.g. Steve Jobs).

From +Shane Snow of +Contently.
A friend of mine recently left Tesla, the renowned electric car maker, saying, "It was incredible," but "I'd never work there again."
Guess what? It's ok in speech and #writing to use "different than." You don't always have to use "different from."
A look at how the #infographic has evolved:

+Randy Krum   discusses five infographic formats, with examples to show why each is effective. The thumbnail below is an interactive infographic.
The internet is full of noise, and your job is to break through that wall of information with some...
Very helpful article on conversion-centered #copywriting , with lots of links to useful resources.

From +Sharon Hurley Hall via +Crazy Egg.
Want your copy to convert? Sharon Hurley Hall shares tips on conversion-centered copywriting so you can achieve the results you want.
Which cognitive bias can help you create more persuasive landing pages?

The Anchoring Effect. One example in this post by +Talia Wolf in +Unbounce shows Steve Jobs's effective manipulation of pricing to influence perception and #decisionmaking .
Understanding cognitive biases helps you understand your decision making processes – but also helps you create better, more persuasive landing pages.
Good review, by +Gini Dietrich of +SpinSucks, of common tics and actions that can undermine leadership, whether in an earnings call or a meetng of your team.
You may have a title that commands respect, but the way you communicate and behave may undermine your leadership. Consider these words and behaviors.
Google + is still important to search results ( #SERP ), even though Google Authorship is gone, but you have to use hastags to realize its benefits.

See this +KISSmetrics post by +Markelle Harden. Clear, persuasive examples!
Are you using hashtags in your online marketing campaign? If you answered yes, do you know why they are important? And do you know how they relate, if at all, to the SERP?
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Ever wanted to know about Prezi, as an alternative to PowerPoint? Interested in enhancing your PowerPoint #presentation with techniques like animation videos?

This post by +Leslie Belknap of +Ethos3 features numerous very useful links covering these issues and more.
Presentation design is critical to the success of a presentation, however there are limited resources to assist people during this challenging, technical process. For those of you who are looking for resources to guide you through the presentation design process, here are 7 great options.
Useful review of Cialdini's principles of #persuasion and how to apply them to your business. With good examples.

From +Jacob McMillen via +Crazy Egg.
Robert Cialdini named 6 key persuasion tactics. Use these tips to use them in YOUR business to make your marketing more persuasive.
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Useful reminder to make sure press release #writing drops outmoded conventions and maximize digital functionality.

From Catherine Spicer via +PR Newswire.
This post from +Wood Street, Inc. emphasizes what's basic: #communication , including #design , is audience-driven.

Useful selection of trends, explained clearly with examples.
There is only one constant in the world of web design and development and that is change. We’ve been doing this for 12+ years and have seen all sorts of design trends – good and bad. While we welcome the chance to redesign our client’s websites, we always stress that a redesign needs to be based on …
Wish you could do more with the images in your blog posts? This post  by +Neil Patel, QuickSprout, provides good guides to image sources, apps (Patel likes Canva), and design elements.

The differentiation of Creative Commons licenses via matrix alone is worth a look!
The posts on this blog are typically 2,000 words long. Would you honestly read them if they were nothing but text? Sure, some of you would (and that’s a
Marketing communication consulting, writing/editing, and presentations for financial and professional services, NY NY.
My clients face communication challenges involving complex transactions, processes, and services. Solutions for them apply expertise in web-based content marketing, brand communication, presentation, and persuasion. I developed my methods and materials as adjunct Associate Professor of Management Communication in NYU’s MBA program (1990-2004), where I developed and taught the highly rated "Communication for Financial Executives," and update them continually for new media.

Clients also benefit from my humanities background, as consultant in program development and evaluation and on the faculties of Bryn Mawr College (English) and the University of Pennsylvania (Urban Studies). Client services include:

✓ Writing/editing: marketing materials, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, website copy, proposals.

✓ Visual communication: branding; visual content for social media; presentation and data visualization.

✓ Consulting on persuasive communication with internal and external audiences and stakeholders.

See examples of Becker Consulting Services' approach at Susan's SlideShare page and Susan's LinkedIn profile.

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