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Horrible when it comes to problem taking your money, but it's hard to get it back. 0 stars for Sons Honda!
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If you are going to charge 20 dollars per person per night to go camping....120 dollars for 3 people for 2 nights......again to go camping......the bathrooms and showers better be in better condition. They are awful......worse than places I have been that are 30 dollars a night for 6 people. This place is ridiculous.
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My wedding was last September 17, and I was after my visit with the cake lady everything would turn out alright. The cake was delicious. The day of the wedding comes, and not only is the cake late, IT IS THE WRONG COLOR! I wanted a simple white cake with some cute peach colored flowers here and there and hearts etched into the icing. What I got was a lot of ORANGE icing and these tacky red hearts all around the cake. It looked hideous!!! The cupcakes were supposed to be white and peach icing.....they were orange and brown. Granted, the cake was delicious, but I paid for one thing and got another. Do not be fooled by the sweet old lady running the store, the service here is terrible and they will screw up what you want and give you a ugly, tacky looking cake. It was my wedding day, so I didn't make a big stink because I was marrying the man I love, but we just got the proofs back and the picture of the cake brought everything back. PLEASE AVOID THE CAKE LADY!
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Paul Trimble, yes people should be able to say no, but as someone who did say no to personal training and extras, I was still harassed by staff to sign up. When I first signed up, I had lost 50 pounds, and my husband and I were in the process of buying a house. So I told them I wasn't interested, I was saving money for a house to start a family, the guy said to me, "Oh, so all that is more important than your health?" Maybe or maybe not, but I had been doing fine on my own and just wanted to continue on my journey. Even while I was continuing to sign up, he was still harassing me to get personal training....NO means NO! Yes, its their job to sell, no it is not their job to harass me! That is the difference with the people here. While I was working out they would come up to me mid-workout and out of breath trying to get me to sign up. I began to dread going there because as a Special Ed teacher, that is my time after work to get out all my frustrations. It was always the same people too. I began to tell them, "My answer was no yesterday and it will be no today. I am buying a house with my husband." Those answers aren't good enough and they continue to harass. Needless to say, I am a member at Planet Fitness again, and I enjoy working out harassment free. There are Pros: the fitness classes are great and I miss them. There is also a lot of space to do what you need to do and the locker rooms are always clean Cons: air quality (it is so stuffy in there) and staff
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I just went in yesterday to get my dress. It was the first and ONLY time I went wedding dress shopping. The experience was wonderful, and I didn't feel rushed. I was given the opportunity to try on any dress I wanted, and the woman who helped me was so friendly and she had me try on a few she thought would look good as well. I found the dress of my dreams and the prices there were unbeatable. I looked like a million bucks but didn't spend that much. I will be going here for my bridesmaid dresses and my mom wants to go back for her Mother of the Bride dress. I highly recommend Irini's
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