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Easy To Use Real User Mointoring System
Easy To Use Real User Mointoring System


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Do you know what is your website doing while you are not watching it?
Receive notifications when your website is facing slow performance or complete outage.

Periods of website's slow performance or complete outages could happen despite your best efforts in preventing them. Being alerted when these problems occur could help you in minimizing the time your website was unavailable to your users.
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New feature available: real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring will allow you to see your traffic and performance data instantly as visitors lands on your website. Watch the way you website behaves in different times of day and under different load.

You can also see IP address, country of requests origin, browser and overall timing rating for a single request. All real time data is stored do you can see historic data later when you need it.
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Gear5 started as an internal project of Infostud 3 doo. Infostud ( is a leading Serbian .com company providing services in various fields, such as employment, the automotive industry, education and tourism. With more than 120 million page views per month, performance optimization and effective bottleneck detection became one of our goals. After surveying and testing various 3rd-party tools available on the Internet, we found that they were either expensive, lacking some features or just too complex for our needs, so we decided to write our own tool. After some initial testing and experimentation, we created a simple working tool that provided us the information that we needed for performance optimization and bottleneck detection.

We had a tool that is working for us. So logically, the question was raised: Why shouldn't it work for others? Thus, Gear5 was born.
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We are happy to announce that Gear5 is going live.

You can visit us at and obtain a free account.

With a Gear5 you will be able to :

Track performance from different stages of the page loading process: backend, frontend and network.

Single out individual pages or page groups that you consider to be vital for your business and monitor them separately.

Get information about your website performance in different browsers and geographical location and optimize for all of your users.

Track your homepage resources, number and size of files, number of different domains, cacheable content, resources not found and more...

Although in beta phase, system is fully functional providing comprehensive performance metrics and new features are being added as we go. Gear5 team is doing continuous development of new functionalities and your feedback is really appreciated. After registration please use “Feedback” tab on right to share your thoughts, report a problem or give us a suggestion.

Please register, and get your free account at:

Gear5 team
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We are coming online soon!
You can pre-signup on our website :

With the Gear5 you will be able to:
Determine your website’s speed

Gear5 uses Real User Monitoring (RUM) technology to accurately measure performance from the perspective of your users.
Track your website’s performance metrics

Gear5 will store the history of your performance data which allows you to track how your changes affect website performance over time.
Make your website faster

By knowing in detail your website’s performance, you can make your website faster and your users more satisfied.
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