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Carel Bekker
President/Owner of - Web hosting & domain names
President/Owner of - Web hosting & domain names

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Great tips thank you! Here are a few more that I presented at WordCamp Atlanta this year: is a great free tool to monitor uptime.

Cheers, Carel.

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Excellent points -- thank you. I would also recommend Cloudflare as a free light-weight CDN with tons of other features.

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Our customers trust us. Check out Steven's video.

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My +ClickHOST reviews mysteriously disappeared at the end of 2011 and today they mysteriously reappeared! I'm so glad. Check it out:

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Come and say hi if you are in the area.
FREE Business EXPO @ Kennesaw State Univ, directions:, 4-8pm today. We (ClickHOST) are giving away Starbucks and Amazon giftcards & free website hosting for life. #KBA. More info here:

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If you feel like you need to support SOPA then here is our “Top 10 reasons to support SOPA”
1. You misread and thought it said: don’t support SOFA. You like sofas.
2. You live in the woods and don’t use the Internet.
3. You’re a politician and thought this would be an easy way to garner votes.
4. You are godaddy.
5. You think you are “Al Gore” and you invented the Internet.
6. You like to take a bath and thought it said “support SOAP”
7. You have an idea to develop software that you can sell to companies to monitor their SOPA compliance.
8. You like to see black boxes all over the Internet.
9. You hate Google and want them to blackout for 24 hours.
10. We couldn’t think of another reason? Can you?

I am in need of some MailChimp experts :). A client has one list. We want to have 2 signup processes. One to signup for an ebook and one to signup for a newsletter. Both signups capture the same information, however in the ebook one we want to send them to a "Thank you" where they can download the ebook and in the other case, a standard "Thank you" page or email. Any ideas on how to do this? Code would be wonderful :).

I'm sure there is a chimp out there that can help!

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How is your website like a refrigerator?

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If you missed WordCamp Atlanta 2012 you can find all the presentations here: +Mickey Mellen did a great job providing a recap of WordCamp.
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