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Collar bone feels itchy on the inside!! I can't scratch that bit!!

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With the large, padded, waterproof, sticky, itchy post-operative dressing finally removed, and itchy stitches cleaned up, my shoulder is feeling much more normal.

Still covered in SteriStrips, but at least it doesn't feel like my ear neck and shoulder are fused together anymore.

Sorry for the gross photo, but it's the first time I've seen it since last Monday and I'm fascinated.

Happy Easter!

Shoulder is feeling better enough to have cooked a proper breakfast for everyone in the house, but now it is time to stop before I get carried away and hurt myself by doing too much.

Don't want to come across as whining, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that the second day after surgery is the hump day of medical recovery.

Today has been a bit rough, but there are signs of progress, and there was pizza for dinner so it's not all bad!

Surgery done, morphine-induced post-surgical nap complete, first meal since last night devoured, collar bone back in one piece!

The plan to recover from a broken collar bone through conservative treatment has been aggressively shoved aside by the orthopaedic surgeon saying, "Zero chance of a break like that healing itself properly!"

So... day #3 of sitting at home, waiting for my collar bone to heal.

Before she left for work, I asked +Joanne O'Keeffe if she agreed that I should go on a little bus adventure to the shops. She just looked at me and said, "No." Same look and same tone the doctor used when i asked a similar question at the hospital on Sunday.

I'll be good. I'll stay home and rest

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Well, that wasn't as much fun as it was supposed to be

Last ever Mont 24hr out at Kowen Forrest. Good course, good company, perfect weather. Very little preparation thanks to a back injury, but a new bike with plenty of suspension took care of that.

First and second laps were great. The whole team lapping within a few minutes of each other. First night lap was good, but the second night lap didn't go very well. Not much energy for climbing, so spent a lot of time spinning in the lowest gear. Moving slowly, but I'd make it back to the start. But then came the crash.

Clipped a sapling with my right hand grip, and went over the bars. Landed on my left shoulder and felt a pop. No idea where the bike had gone. Shoulder hurts like hell. End of race for me.

Was helped back to race central by other riders and St John's Ambulance. Met my team mates, one of whom took me to the hospital then home. Back to hospital this morning for x-rays while team mates finished the race, packed up camp, and brought my car, bike, tent and dirty clothes home.

Collar bone is well and truly broken. Waiting for confirmation from doctors about whether i need surgery or need just the sling. Either way, no riding for 6 weeks

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Yes! Check this out. I helped to illustrate this book and it has been written by my AWESOME Sister In Law Eva. Such a good read. 

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