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pretty darn old; SEO work; business operations. love sports--still love it :D
pretty darn old; SEO work; business operations. love sports--still love it :D

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Frankly this is something our smb's have benefited for in some cases over a decade, but regardless of age or type of industry it always can be beneficial. Regardless I always forget or ignore it. That is until I'm tasked with updating a site or a similar action and deep research inevitably uncovers the hard data. The long tail is PRODUCTIVE.
Its not a popular topic, not often covered, and receives scant attention. But OMG, it always works, especially when one puts some effort into it. Here is one article on the topic that gives some clues on how and why to populate a website with long tail content and pages that can increase traffic, leads and sales:

Without getting into all the details, while updating a site that is representative of a niche we are and have been in with several smb's, different locations, over many years the long tail generates enormous volumes of traffic, and in our cases, leads, which we "work on" to generate sales. How much? In our cases on our best estimates and feel, past and current research about 1/3 of our leads and we suspect about 1/3 of our sales.

The article is illustrative on how to attack this opportunity.

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Is Proximity Important or is Something ELSE Going on (maybe a location glitch?)

I was searching on restaurants and expected to see results that showed me the closest restaurants. Instead I got the results in this photo. Do you think Google has messed up the location data on my hard computer/network at my office? Any other ideas and/or is anyone else seeing results where proximity is not showing strong prominence??

I can't emphasize how consistently I've seen this and suggest corrective measures!!!!! In order to cut adwords costs HAVE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND VENDORS PROGRAM YOUR BUSINESS PHONE # INTO THEIR CELL PHONES

For the 5th time I'm monitoring phone calls off of adwords accounts. 5 times, 4 different businesses, different areas, different types of businesses. It is simply ASTOUNDING how many existing customers, and vendors, and some dang cold calling PITA's will find your phone number off of Adwords and Call. If you are advertising in Adwords, SAVE YOURSELVES a lot of money by giving out your phone number and MAKING SURE PEOPLE PROGRAM IT INTO THEIR CELLS.

This will simply be a great way to save on your adwords spend. Nobody from google will EVER TELL YOU THIS...and unless you are taping calls you will never realize this...but dang it...I've experienced it 5 TIMES. Best Advice I can give!!!!

The Explosion of Near Me usage:

I just looked at the change in near me phrases showing in adwords impressions for our smb's. The explosion of usage is simply astounding. We find that near me out performs many geo phrases that are considered important and critical. From our adwords data
From '13 to '14 near me impressions Quadrupled, clicks almost quadrupled and $ quadrupled.

From '14 to '15 impression grew by abt 3.5 times. clicks went up by 2.5 times and costs grew by 3+ times.

full year 15 to almost full year '16. Impressions doubled, clicks doubled, costs slightly less than doubled.

Near me phrases have gone from virtually non existent to very critical. Just a huge change!!

Pathetic on twitter. For some reason I went back and looked at traffic to our websites for one type of smb we operate. Remarkably BAD. HORRIFIC.

Over the last 2 years for 3 smb's, all of the same type, all in different markets, we have respectively 15, 12, and 8 visits.

The only thing we admittedly do, is have FB posts go to twitter. Of course that was after abt 2 years of no results...taking one of those smb types into the local twitter environment abt every week...engaging folks, etc etc.

Twitter??? Does it work for any kind of smb???

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A short while ago +Sherri Arnaiz published an article in this community comparing citation services. Nice article. Thanks Sherri.

Recently saw a noteworthy article on what occurs if you cancel Yext after a period of time. This has been a concern for some time. The following article is a case study:

Sort of surprised, sort of saddened, but very aware this is the pattern to anticipate over time. Of the last 15 day period, our largest smb, with most traffic, saw 43% of its Google Mobile traffic coming from ads and 57% coming from organic/maps. This is an old business website/ with tremendous visibility and one wherein we've used adwords for over a decade. Over the long haul google traffic might have been 75 to 80 % organic to 20-25% adwords (with our having #1 rankings in ads on the majority of phrases).
Clearly though, on mobile, ads absolutely dominate. Overwhelmingly so. (btw: total Google traffic for that period was roughly the same as in same period in 2013 and 2011.

We are getting similar volumes of google traffic. More of them are coming from ads/less from free (organic/pac/maps) The change is dramatically via MOBILE. Mostly mobile. Overwhelmingly mobile.

Wanna be found in search??? Better think about ads. 

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Here is a story about how a small business (a restaurant in this case) absolutely thrives off of reviews and WORKING REVIEWS.
Ive experienced it first hand. It is undoubtedly the overall friendliest restaurant you will visit. I absolutely love it and the food does not blow me out of the water by any stretch of the imagination. Read through to the end.

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Any of you seeing value or utilizing google "SMART GOALS" in analytics at this point? Smart Goals have only started showing in our smb(s) in the last month or so, adding "conversion" data. In our cases our "Goals" are when folks fill out contact forms on our websites. The "Smart Goals" are when visitors act on the site significantly enough that google "machine intelligence" assumes its the prototype of a conversion.

From the Goog Smart Goals Page description:

To generate Smart Goals, we apply machine learning across thousands of websites that use Google Analytics and have opted in to share anonymized conversion data. From this information, we can distill dozens of key factors that correlate with likelihood to convert: things like session duration, pages per session, location, device and browser. We can then apply these key factors to any website. The easiest way to think about Smart Goals is that they reflect your website visits that our model indicates are most likely to lead to conversions.

In our cases the smart goal data is only showing for ppc traffic, not organic traffic "yet". our cases it is showing visitors who at the minimum spend a tremendous time on the site and visit a lot of pages. For the last month or so the "smart goal" traffic has also converted/filling out a form at a rate that is about 5-7 times normal conversion rates. OF COURSE that only means they filled out a contact form...that doesn't mean they purchased---yet.

Frankly we are aware that folks that read through the sites are pretty likely to contact us. So its no surprise.

What I'd really like though is to know WHO those contacts ARE??? I'll be speaking to google adwords assistants.

Any experience on this???

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Saw a discussion recently that included referencing Insights within the Google My Business Page and referenced back to an announcement from  early August wherein Google changed its insights data/presentation:

Now this is data I've never believed in, have no way of verifying, its so broad and so ridiculously non revealing....I never rely on it.....BUT I saw some interesting data that correlated to other data we see.....FOR A FIRST TIME!!!!

I looked at the data that shows total times the site has been seen, and additionally breaks it down by "discovery searches" and "recovery searches" (name or with address info).  

We can "verify" this data with very comprehensive adwords data.  

The total volume of times are site might have been seen by appropriate searches was very close for 30 and 90 periods to the adwords volume.

The so called number of "recovery searches" was HUGELY overstated relative to the search terms we've seen in adwords....and are very very long tracking of how people find us.

Now that is just one case...but I was surprised.  I'll continue to track.  Over many many years in all its manifestations, this is the first time I've seen what data from google local/google my business  EVER Give data that I might believe!!!!   :D  At least some of it.  ;)
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