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Forgot which affiliate uses this logo. MyNetworkTV is one of the last new TV networks to launch prior to DTV being standard and after The WB and UPN folded in the CW.  A weak sister of Fox, it tried having Anglophone telenovelas (usually a Hispanophone phen...

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Greatest Hits/Best Ofs
Rihanna in concert, 2011.  She came to Syracuse months before this show. I don't usually write about todays Top 40 artists yet there are a number of them as well as some from yesteryear that have yet to release a greatest hits or best of album and have enou...

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Serving Eastern Ontario and beyond. I've known about CKWS in Kingston, ONT for years as they had listings in TV Guide as they could be reached not only across St Lawrence River in Watertown but also in Utica down NY 12 on cable.  They may even have been ava...

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I really should learn how to make real logos! They say that one thing leads to another, and it always does.  Also, just when you think the entire country is covered, somewhere falls through the cracks.  Someone mentioned getting NBC 7 & 4 from Traverse City...

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Smaller networks
The most elusive of them all. In the past decade or so, new networks like ThisTV, Antenna TV and RTN have cropped up on DTV giving people more choice over the air.  Older generations recall being lucky to have three channels on the dial!  Now they can see t...

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Actual station logo unavailable at this time. The wait is over, North Country!  Jefferson County has waited well over three generations for this!  NBC finally have an affiliate to call their own in the border community.  I knew this day would come.  The cal...

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Gloversville record plant
No free photo can be found right now but it's a small town so this wouldn't be too far off. I remembered hearing over a decade ago about a record plant close to the Adirondacks that was going out of business.  Universal Music Group wound up getting it with ...

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Toppers Pizza
No free images exist so here's the fantasy SU location. Toppers Pizza are mainly in the Midwest but should work their way to the Northeast: Syracuse - SU Hill (pictured), former Bruggers Cicero/North Syracuse/Oswego/Baldwinsville/Weedsport/Auburn/Oneida/Eas...

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diBella's Subs
Mentor, OH location outside Cleveland. Wish I had a warmer one! I was told about diBellas a year or two ago on a Facebook group for another chain as someone asked where to go instead as the other place was out of reach.  diBellas are to me except when I go ...

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D.P. Dough
Ithaca location (even though I'd usually gone to the Cortland one in the next county but now I'll have to go here for a change) DP Dough are another franchised chain I only wish I could afford to buy into.  They specialise in calzones (a rival chain which t...
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