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Current logo. eMusic is where I go for independent artists on official mp3.  Doesn't mean it's all there.  One artist says he didn't get too much return (Spotify pays even less) and a label head in LA says it's a ripoff.  I managed to find a number of album...

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Possible logo configuration With Tribunes TV division being sold to Sinclair, perhaps they may look into re-establishing the Chicago conglomerates flagships affiliation with the CW, which went to my50 WPWR in Gary as I posted a while ago.  New owners often ...

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Lidl USA
Greater Manchester store Lidl have finally arrived in the US, but only in the mid-Atlantic right now.  I posted on them five years ago, but decided to start from scratch instead of just updating an old article.  They will now have to compete with Aldi here ...

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Former Jreck Subs locations
Short-lived Eastern Ontario location. Jreck Subs is a regional chain that may not go as far as Jersey Mikes or Schlotskys (more on them another day) but they hold their own.  Like many places, they had to let some locations go: Oswego - downtown, now Calios...

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Ohio Capital Region closing kmart along with their sister chain Sears have been in decline in recent years unable to compete with Walmart, Target, and amazon as other rivals like Caldor, Ames, Jamesway, Woolco and Hills have shut their doors.  kmart had sev...

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E85 in CNY
E85 at a pump in Wescoville, PA (Allentown/Bethlehem area) E85 (ethanol) fuel has been elusive for those with FlexFuel vehicles in CNY (mainly GM and Chrysler).  The last place to have it was Fastrac on NY 3 & 481 in Fulton until a few years ago when they s...

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Bay Area location This one will be a change of pace.  Travelodge are part of the Wyndham conglomerate but have no locations in CNY like some of their sister chains do.  The only place I can think of for them now is the former Hampton Inn & Suites (owned by ...

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South Beach Tanning
No free photo of South Beach available Now here's a post that George Hamilton can relate to!
The closure of Zoom Tan and Total Tan in deWitt due to a merger opens the idea of a rival chain South Beach Tanning coming to CNY.  The franchise in Webster just o...

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Typical location After winning a gift card for Mobil in a competition, it dawned on me that they have fewer locations than in the past.  Exxon (formerly Esso; name used outside the US today) had a few in CNY as well prior to their reunion with Mobil as desc...

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The Old Spaghetti Factory
Toronto location. A relative in Maricopa County in the Arizona Capital Region had mentioned The Old Spaghetti Factory which I confused with a local place in my area called Spaghetti Warehouse.  As Italian food is in my tomato sauce blood, I thought this is ...
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