Getting a Marriage License in Georgia… Marriage license Laws in the state of Georgia… here is what you need to know about the Georgia marriage laws… MARRIAGE LICENSE, WEDDING LICENSE, STATE OF GEORGIA: HOW TO GET A MARRIAGE LICENSE, WEDDING LICENSE IN GEORGIA, GEORGIA MARRIAGE LICENSE WEDDING LICENSE LAWS AND INFORMATION...We cannot obtain your marriage license for you - you will have to do that on your own by calling the local county courthouse in which you reside and they will gladly tell you their procedure and regulations for obtaining your license.  Anything having to do with the marriage license itself they will be the only ones who can give you that information and issue the license.  They are generally open Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM.  When you have the wedding license information please call us to set up an appointment for your wedding ceremony!   You can certainly set up your wedding ceremony time before you pick up the license – just be sure to bring it with you.  We will conduct your dream wedding ceremony at your desired appointment time, sign off on the marriage license, and you can then return it to your county courthouse signed sealed and delivered!!!  We are here 7 days per week - we are open 24 hours per day - and can perform your wedding ceremony at your  convenience in our private Gwinnett County wedding chapel studio.  We would be glad to perform any type of marriage ceremony for you – Religious, NonReligious, Civil, Christian, NonDenominational – whatever you desire! Call now for information at Wedding Officiants and Ministers of Atlanta Georgia.   TO MARRY OR ELOPE IN ATLANTA GEORGIA WEDDINGS -  CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE IN  STATE OF GEORGIA LAWCODE NO LONGER REQUIRE A BLOOD TEST FOR BRIDES AND GROOMS TO WED IN GEORGIA!   CERTAIN TYPES OF IDENTIFICATION ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO APPLY FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE IN GEORGIA!  YOU CAN NOW LEGALLY GET MARRIED ON THE SAME DAY…Yes, you can elope  in Georgia  -plan a beautiful and budget wedding with the best elopement ideas and packages…especially metro Atlanta Georgia and surrounding local metro areas, Northeast Georgia mountains, South Georgia beaches… Planning a wedding?  Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place for your Georgia wedding ceremony!  Atlanta is an ideal place to get married.  When you get married in Georgia you can hold the wedding ceremony in the middle of downtown Atlanta, in a city park, or in the gorgeous settings of Atlanta’s Southern suburbs.   MINISTERS OFFICIANT CHAPELS TO ELOPE AND MARRY IN ATLANTA GEORGIA ON A SHOE-STRING BUDGET SHORT NOTICE INFORMATION AND DIRECTORY! Short notice Elopement Weddings – Wedding Ministers and Officiants of Atlanta Georgia.
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