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Sorry for my rant, because it is a rant, aimed at hopefully a small percentage of Canadians. Unfortunately, some of these are Canadian school Administrators and in particular one Columnist of the Windsor Star, DOUG SCHMIDT. You can read his column recently published.
The reality of Trump being elected regardless of the world's perception is a prime example of the existence of Democracy in the USA.
This poor excuse for a journalist, Doug Schmidt uses hearsay as sources for this piece. Of course, if you had a student who was a citizen of Iran, for example, going on a field trip to the USA, a real problem could form. With this ban, no matter how agregious it seems anyone planing a trip like this should have their head examined. 
The "if one can't go, no one can go" policy is some vendictive, Trump hateing school administrator trying to mask their prejudice and intolerance with claims of endangerment. Of course, what parent wants to be thought of as a bad careless parent objecting to this.
While it was my wish that president Trump wasn't elected, the fact is he was. All this hate and intolerance being spewed by so many Canadians makes me wonder what kind of friends they are.
I am married to a Canadian, I travel to Canada to visit her relatives who I love dearly. I find the lifestyle there very good. While I don't agree with many aspects of the government intrusion there, I do realize, the sum of all the parts makes it a great place to live and raise children.
If Canadians want to withhold their dollars and tourism to somehow punish us, it will be their loss. 
Spend your winter there freezing your ass of instead of basking in the warmth the US has to offer without ever having to step on a plane.
Trump will be gone from the picture before you know it, but my memory of Canadian radicals spewing hate and intolerance will live on.

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Had a great trip today Joshua Tree National park
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Finally finished!

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The Huffington Post: Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It.

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The Inquisitr News: Call Their Bluff: The Case For Jill Stein.
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