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First P3D dedicated aircraft-I'm getting closer to moving to Prepard3D
Sorry for not writing for a long time, but I had a lot of stuff on my head. Today, something for the flightsimmers. P3D vs FSX Prepard3D is a flight simulator developed by Lockheed Martin. It works with FSx addons, but performs and looks better and has diff...

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10 Deadliest Air Crashes Caused By Heavy Pilot Error
A new top 10 this week, this time now Top, since it's a post about air crashes. These 10 air crashes were caused either by some form of errors caused by toxicated pilots, pilots commiting heavy negligence of flying rules or unprofessionalism. In general, gr...

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Mitsubishi Regional Jet about to fly next week
The test flight The Mitsubishi Regional Jet has already completed a few taxi tests and recieved an approval from the Japanese  transport ministry to complete it's first flight on the 9th of november (Monday). However, this isn't the original date of the fir...

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Top 10 largest bombers
Hello, I’m starting
a new series of posts published weekly. They ‘ll be the so called „aviation top
10s”. Hopefully, you’ll like those. Today the
topic is bombers- to be more precise, the top 10 largest bombers. By bombers I
also mean martime patrol aircraf...

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About gorgeous Russian, Soviet and Ukrainian airliners part 2 (1963 to 1980)
Here we go part two. Aircrafts since 1963 to 1995. Yakovlev Yak-40. Yak-40 Coddling picture all from Wikipedia. The Lisunov Li-2 was a "copy" of the DC-3 (a licensed version in fact), and both planes were aging. The Il-12 and -14 as well. As the logic follo...

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I'm back to blogging
Hello there, I'm back to blogging. In general I didn't have the time and opportunity to write anything. The main issue was...... my computer. It failed time after time. In the mean time, I was waiting for a new, better PC. I didn't (and still don't) have an...

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Nice FSX/P3D scenery. God to know someone likes to develop sceneries of extreme airports and places. I'll probably give it a try some time later :)

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My Typical FSX Flight/Kingston Norman Manley (MKJP)-Aruba Queen Beatrix (TNCA)/Airbus A300B4 (Part 1)
The Flight This is a rather interesting flight, split into parts. I really like making flights with stopovers. I don't really know why. I find it interesting to see what stopovers are made on which routes etc. The flight is made up. I'm going to use the Air...

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My Typical FSX Flight- Vienna (LOWW) to Prague (LKPR)/Avro RJ100
Hey everyone, I'd like to show you one of my typical flights with the Avro RJ. I made some mistakes, but also went for some unusual things and procedures (You'll find out). The Flight In general, this was a rather short flight. I checked the flight plan at ...

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Very interesting aviation video. Not only Piper Cubs can take off from roads :)
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