Here's a thought. When will G+ allow you to +1 not just entire pages or articles, but specific paragraphs or sentences? As in, say I've written a long and wordy piece on why the Kindle Fire is a great steaming mess of a tablet, and you particularly agree with the part where I write "Amazon has dredged RIM's PlayBook swamp and dressed the cut-price slurry with cheap Android offcuts" - when will you be able to +1 just that part?

+Dave Winer has a clever system on his blog (e.g. where individual paragraphs have their own links - you can choose to link directly to paragraph four, for instance. I wouldn't be surprised to see Google do something similar with +1, using that information to learn not just which articles people were reading and approving of, but which specific concepts were resonating more strongly.

Amazon sort of does that, in a non-intelligent way, with its public highlighting on the Kindle. If you have it turned on, you can see how many people have highlighted sections in the ebook you're currently paging through. By non-intelligent I mean there're no inferences drawn from it: it's just a highlight and a number. However we know Google is keen to use G+ feedback to shape its search results, etc.
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