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Amanda Ortega
Interior Designer of my heart and thrifty home. Follow the journey at
Interior Designer of my heart and thrifty home. Follow the journey at

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Five Minute Friday is done. Check it out...

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So here's the deal: It's five minutes. Every Friday. No editing. Just writing. All for real. Word of the Day: NOTHING Here goes nothing(pun intended)… Nothing could have prepared me for the day I met Jesus. It was a date that I was not the slightest bit awa...

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Plan on God
You'd think a girl like me would learn.  So many times I fall prey to the thought that if I plan everything just right, pick the perfect flowers, create a virtual oasis, that my plans will naturally fall into place just as beautifully as I pictured it in my...

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Rising for Joy
What makes you shudder at the mere mention of it....sends a chill up your back? Recently, I recalled a memory of one such thing that gave me that very feeling; it had to do with a single diving board and the story goes a little something like this.... Right...

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There's something in the Mud
When you think of mud, what comes to mind?...memories?  Do you remember the last time you played in it? Ever made a mudpie? Had a mud mask? I remember a day when I was a kid- maybe it was 2nd grade- my mom dressed me up in one of those frilly dresses with t...
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