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In Escape your cell, you'll be looking to escape the prison without getting killed. In order to achieve that you'll need to run, hide and kill some guards. You have to be really careful about how you use your weapons as guards will react to a gun shot. You'll need quite a bit a strategy since each level requires a different approach to complete a successful escape.
To sum up, Escape your cell is a fresh mixture of stealth and action that involves strategic decisions.
As the game is still a bit under development a few bug can appear but most are already solved.
There isn't loads of levels for now but we're a waiting to get some feedback in order to adapt level design to what users desire.
It's quite important to note the game is 100 percent free and doesn't contain any ads!
We hope you get some fun with our stealth and action escape game!

Wireless Redstone Core has been migrated to 1.6.2 and so far the tests have been successfull!!

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Water on LBM is now translucent!

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We are on the MC Modding Road again! :)
Porting LBM to 1.6
Porting Bombermine to 1.6
New mod InDev : Goremod...

More infos on the website :

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We did a small update on Sokoban, do you have any suggestion?

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We’ve just opened a new section on our website : Games.
We’ll put there little games we make for fun, the first one is a simple Sokoban .
Have Fun 

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Over 2000+ view for LittleBlocks Beta 2!
Thank you very much, it motivates us to continue the development and solve the different bugs.

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LittleBlock Beta is out!

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New member in the team, and news about LBM!
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