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Erin Janda Rawlings
I am raising kids while trying to balance my love of writing, blogging, and social media. I'm pretty sure there is more coffee than blood running through my veins.
I am raising kids while trying to balance my love of writing, blogging, and social media. I'm pretty sure there is more coffee than blood running through my veins.

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week I talked about how summer was very difficult for me .   I
really hoped that after that kind of season, the Universe would give me a pass
and help us glide effortlessly right back into the school routine.   However, that was not the case. Marie

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I am unbelievably glad
that it is the first week of October.   I
am filled with happiness not only because my birthday is fast approaching and
few things bring me joy like celebrating my birthday since I get to choose
where we get pizza (which will definite...

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Motherhood - Otherwise Known as the Most Difficult Thing I've Even Attempted
Raising babies to be healthy, happy people  is the most
difficult thing I've ever attempted to do - and that's on a good day.  If there is anything else going on (and usually, it's always
something), motherhood can push me right up against my edge, wonderin...

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Writing, Motherhood, and Community
When I first shared my desire to write a book on Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons , I
was just so excited to talk with her and become unstuck that I didn’t
anticipate all of the ways that my life would change. I think there is
something that happen...

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Winter Struggles and Yoga
been blogging consistently since June of 2009.   I’ve never taken more than 3 weeks off in the very beginning. Until
now. This
winter has been tough, and I’ve been running on empty.   It took forever to shake off the holiday
stress.   I also completely...

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Everything I Need to Know How to Have a Great Christmas I Learned from Star Wars
It’s almost here – the big day I’ve been carefully preparing
for month – the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Also Christmas. And they kind of go to together, too. Let me explain. We’ve been binge watching the Star War in chronological order
which h...

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Christmas Roundup 2015
I am declaring that I
have unofficially completed Christmas shopping two full weeks before
Christmas.   (I will officially declare it
when all the gift are wrapped, though).   I have been pretty busy
with that so even though I have a new Christmas blog post...

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Thanksgiving Eve
When I was a junior high
teacher, Thanksgiving Eve was one of my most favorite days of the entire
year.   We had been working for months
without a break and had just finished conferences, which coincidently were my
least favorite days of the year. I would l...

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My Incentive Program
It is mid-November, and
I am fully immersed in writing my book .   I am going to bed before 10pm, which hasn’t happened since the last time
I grew tiny humans in my very own body.   I am waking up at 5:10am to write for 2 hours before starting the rest
of m...

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My Halloween Evolution
I can’t believe that
this week is Halloween. I mean, we’re ready. We have our costumes. I present to you: our first family photo of all us dressed up for Halloween. Greg is the Mad Hatter to Marie's Madeline Hatter. I am Chewbacca to Nathan's Storm Trooper....
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