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Our system makes tracking easy because each time a key is removed or returned a record of the activity is recorded, providing management with the information to know who took which key and when! And if a key is not returned on time, the system can even send an email to management. 
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To help solve the issue of improved security and key control for their inventory, many dealerships have upgraded their manual or outdated key control systems with automated key control and management systems with tracking software.

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Cabinet Specifications 
• 18 Gauge Steel cabinet
• 13 gauge steel door
• 72 Hour Battery Back-up
• 330-lb. Medeco pick lock
• 300-lb pick resistant plate
• Wired against tampering
• Records System Access In
• Built-in backlight display

Smart System Key Ring Specifications 
• Tamper-proof locking key mechanism
• No tools required to close assembly
• 5/32" stainless steel rings
• Reusable
• Smart-switch solution replaces welded and crimped rings
• Serialized/color coded hubs to identify rings and prevent substitution
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KeyBank is ideal for new and used car dealerships, service departments, and rental car fleets. This well-tested key security system helps you.
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Know where your cars are in Real Time. Never lose a sale because you can't find the keys!
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Lets be realistic you know the peg board method doesn't really work! It probably gives you a lot more headaches from searching all the time! Call us let us help you and relieve you from lost or misplace keys!
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Dealerships think about all the times you had to replace lost keys? Think about how you lost the sale bc someone misplaced them!
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The KeyBank is a stand-alone key and dealer plate management system that can connect directly to your printer, PC or modem to give you an on-demand management report with all the pertinent tracking data you will ever need.
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This system allows for keys or plates to be stored in a smart storage cabinet that accounts for each user by access code, time and date. Keys and or plates are physically locked in place and only released to authorized users.
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KEY CONTROL SYSTEMS markets, services and installs the KeyBank system, which is the first stand-alone key management system that electronically releases keys and or dealer plates to authorized users!
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