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Sheena Snyder
Wife - Mother - Entrepreneur - Follower of Christ
Wife - Mother - Entrepreneur - Follower of Christ

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Making Changes.....
It occurred to me over the weekend that I enjoy blogging, but I do it so sporadically because I just don't have one theme that I write about. I generally just write only when I feel like God has placed something specific on my heart.   I would really like t...

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Bucket Lists, Dreams, and More
I have never sat down and made an actual pen to paper "Bucket List" because I don't want to become so focused on getting the selfish things in my life, that I forget to remain open to God changing my dreams and aligning them to his!  In fact, many of these ...

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The Unexplainable
It's been a while, but I feel the need to blog today! Even as I start this, I don't have any idea what I am going to say. But I have learned that when the Spirit is nudging me to do something, I should do it! There are always blessings that we risk missing ...

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Do you have that one burning desire in your heart? Or maybe it's more than one.... Society tells us that we "Make our own path" or to "Go get our dreams"! The problem with this is that when we take our future into our own hands we are putting control into o...

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Lessening the "Frazzle" in my Life
I'm just like any other busy mom/wife who rushes home each day and struggles to find the time to cook, clean, do dishes, laundry, and sti...

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Digging out of your Mess
I saw something a few weeks ago (Yes, on Pinterest....) that has really helped bring me through some tough times in my life right now: Th...
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