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I personally welcome myself back to this little online diary of mine. Being on a hiatus for about 3 months allowed me to find myself and introduced me to a new hobby I'm busy with now — #ModernBlueSkies . It is a hashtag and a hub (linked) on Instagram that...

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Copped shirts from local clothing brand Rise Of Brutality for Joko and I.   I'm honestly not a fan of wearing t-shirts as it is "too comfortable" for me. I always push myself to the limit of dressing up and believe me or not, I have a minimal amount of shir...

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Who can resist Coachella?? I'm not the type to go to company parties, but the Coachella theme got me so I took the chance of dressing up fit for a music festival without losing my ~grunge~ aesthetic. As usual, those sunnies gather way too many compliments —...

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I don`t usually buy shirts but when I do, it`s in black, has an eye-catching print and is from a local clothing brand.  I`ve actually always wanted this shirt ever since Black Anthem launched it in the market because it is minimalist yet very eye catching —...

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Things have been really busy for me since the latter part of November. Like what I said in my previous post, I'm happy — I`m happy that I put stickers on my face everyday, lol and that I have new sunnies! It`s either a resting bitch face or this, there is n...

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On Love and Satisfaction
There comes a point in your life where you stop and say, "I`m starting to be contented with my life right now. There`s always room for improvement but I`m happy." I always questioned everything — specifically the fact that I had problems that money could al...
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