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yeah... their secret is Drugs, especially as they age, celebrities don't have the commitment or time to loose weight and/or stay in shape, they're a few who hit the gym, but thats not the norm as actors age.

If your livelihood is being in front of the camera and you land a role or TV show or auditioning, and need to trim down, drugs are the alternative, not hitting the gym.
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Kasper Christensen

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My new business page
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Kasper Christensen

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Just finished my new PREMIUM Body Transformation Course. Here's a little teaser:
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Kasper Christensen

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Just posted some of my favorite quotes. What is your favorite quote that fires you up for training or just put things into perspective?
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Just added a new blog post on Fortius Fitness
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Kasper V. Christensen has been a personal trainer and fitness consultant for over 20 years. My #1 goal is to provide you with outstanding and unique information and service. To make sure that happens, my promise to you is to use the same intense passion and dedication that I have put into my own training, nutrition and competitions.   

The creation of is the results of more than 20 years of accumulated experimentation on me and more than 10000 clients. My programs and methods delivers mind-blowing results over and over again, not only for myself, but also for my many clients and it will for you to!

My definition of fitness is about being as healthy as you can be while pursuing a strong, (very) lean and toned or muscular body with the look that is perfect for YOU - the natural way!

I want to lead by example and be a rolemodel that practice what I preach. I realized a long time ago that I could not teach other people about fitness with any credibility if I could not do it myself.

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8 times natural fitness competitor, Been training for 22 years, 20 years coaching experience
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