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Joffrey Long
California trust deed investment provider, california private money and hard money lender, and mortgage expert witness in real estate litigation cases, Author, Educator, Education Chair, California Mortgage Association, California mortgage lending expert witness
California trust deed investment provider, california private money and hard money lender, and mortgage expert witness in real estate litigation cases, Author, Educator, Education Chair, California Mortgage Association, California mortgage lending expert witness


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Trust Deed Investments : Joffrey Long / Hard Money Lenders Educational Conference      (California Mortgage Association)
CMA Universal:  January 30-31 in Universal City, CA

Making, arranging, investing in, or learning about hard money lending, this is the place.  At the Hilton in Universal City, which for some reason, is called the Hilton Los Angeles. To register, visit:

The education programs will be outstanding - they had better be, I'm Education Chair!  

* Commercial single-purpose underwriting
* Dodd Frank in 2014
* Legal and regulatory review
* Title insurance 2014 update (this one is outstanding)
* Third party originations as a hard money direct lender
* Legislative update
   and a real estate market forecast for 2014 with
   Bruce Norris, the Norris Group

But wait, there's more!   The 60th Anniversary Celebration of private money trade associations. 

I'll see you there.  In fact, if you register, send me an e-mail and let me know - we'll meet up at the seminar and you can let me know what you think of it all.

Joffrey Long
P.S.  Yes, you're right.  It's a week from this coming Thursday.  
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Loan Servicing Expert Witness Info:    With new Dodd-Frank Laws and Regulations under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there will likely be a significant increase in loan servicing litigation.  My article about various loan servicing expert witness testimony scenarios addresses this.
Actually mortgage servicing litigation has already increased, as a result of some new areas of litigation, particularly those related to some laws and restrictions that have already gone into effect.
Joffrey Long
Loan Servicing Expert Witness
Mortgage Expert Witness
Mortgage Lender, Broker and Loan Servicer
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Los Angeles Mortgage Expert Witness:   Joffrey Long
"Testifying or Non-Testifying Experts," my new article, released today, 12/27/13, describes the use of non-testifying experts in mortgage litigation, versus the more commonly used, "mortgage expert witness." 

It describes the areas in which a non-testifying expert can assist the parties to the dispute, and what some of the differences are in the testifying mortgage expert witness.
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Hard Money Lenders California:  Will interest rates rise?

Yes, institutional (bank and mortgage banking companies) rates ARE certainly rising as of today, 5/29/13.

Will hard money or private money lenders follow the same course?

Not really.  The "price" or rates required by private money or hard money lenders are driven largely by alternative of choice, or what other investments are available to investors.  Since the available yields from other investments haven't yet risen, (as much as mortgage rates on bank mortgages, for example) the rates required on hard money have not gone up.

When will they?    When you can get considerably more on a savings account, money market account, or certificate of deposit, you will then see a gradual increase in the rates on hard money or other non-institutional loans.

Joffrey Long 
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Mortgage Expert Witness:  Joffrey Long
Mortgage Broker Expert Witness Testimony is required in numerous mortgage litigation cases, relating to industry or lender practices, or standard of care for real estate brokers.  Mortgage broker expert witness consultation and testimony can assist the triers of fact in mortgage disputes.
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Hard Money Direct Lenders:  Joffrey Long at Southwest Mortgage:
Lenders who fund DIRECT, fund faster and with less red tape.  Call Joffrey at (818) 635-1777 and get straight answers.    Joffrey Long, Southwest Mortgage
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Geoffrey Long ?  Joffrey Long

I've often had people tell me they searched for Geoffrey Long on the internet, or typed in "contact Geoffrey Long".  My name is spelled Joffrey.

The "G" search will get you a lot of people with the name Geoffrey, even one whose name is Geoffrey Long.   I looked at his website and he's one smart fellow.     But it's not me.

So, look forward to hearing from you if you're trying to contact Joffrey Long.  And if you're trying to contact Geoffrey Long, just type in www then his name, then dot com and you'll reach him.  If you're trying to reach me, type in Contact Joffrey Long in the Google search box and there I'll be.

Joffrey Long
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Hard Money Loans:  Joffrey Long

Timing is great.  Market is hot.  But you need:

*  Quick approvals

*   Fast Funding

*  Expert advice

*  Lower rates

*  Low, fixed costs

Call for information, (818)366-5200 or e-mail me at

Joffrey Long

I only make NON-OWNER occupied loans, no Owner occupied loans. 

Thank you!!!
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Contact Joffrey Long:

Looking to reach Joffrey Long?  Contact Joffrey Long at:

*  By phone, call me at (818) 366-5200

*  By e-mail at

*  By mail, at 17045 Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills, Ca  91344-5845

*  You can visit me online at

Thank you.  I look froward to hearing from you.

For mortgage expert witness inquiries, please visit:

Thank you,
Joffrey Long
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Mortgage Expert Witness:    Joffrey Long
"Know Your Purpose"

Really, you need to know the LOAN purpose.  What is the intended use of the proceeds?  

In asking which law applies to what loan, people will often mention that it will be  owner or non-owner occupied, or that the property is1-4 family or commercial.

They often leave out the intended purpose of the loan - what the proceeds will be used for.  Whether the money will be used for consumer or non-consumer purposes makes a significant difference.  The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) applies to loans for consumer (personal, family or household) use, where non-consumer loans generally do not fall under:

*  TILA,
*  A number of other laws

The new (1/1/2011) NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System) requirement only applies to "consumer loans, secured by 1 to 4 family dwellings."    So if the loan is not for consumer purposes, the originator does not have to have the NMLS endorsement.

About 90% of the mortgage lending industry doesn't understand this.  When I'm retained as a mortgage expert witness, I often see the existence of, or lack of documentation in loan files as to loan purpose.

Mortgage practitioners may want to consider how much documentation they should have with respect to this issue.

Joffrey Long
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