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I cannot advise strongly enough against Hanger Clinic. I recently was prescribed a soft cervical collar by my physician to keep my neck in good position as I toss and turn in my sleep. He explained that although he was writing me a prescription, it was simply a formality as the collar I needed was available over the counter for $15. I ended up at Hanger Ortho today after stopping by a few places that did not have what i was looking for in stock. When I asked about the collar, I was told that I needed to give insurance information and fill out forms. I explained what my doctor had told me but was told by the receptionist that "we can't just sell you that." I complied and waited for about 45 minutes, asking twice about the insurance and information. I was told that they had not been able to check but would call me when my insurance was verified. Finally they called me back and put me in a waiting room. I asked what this was all about and why I was in a waiting room. Again I was told that "they couldn't just sell me a collar, I would have to be seen by a specialist." More time waiting and a man came into the room, looked at my paperwork and asked me how tall I was. I responded and he went to get a 4" collar. I put it on myself. It was a bit restrictive so I asked for a smaller one. He then brought a 3" collar which i put on myself. That was it from the specialist. At least he was pleasant. Then he took me to the desk where I was told my insurance would not pay for the collar and that I was out more than $30. At my wit's end I told them that they could keep the collar and left the office in a huff. I drove 3 miles down the road to OrthoSport on Bell and 51st where the nice folks sold me the exact same brand of collar for $10. Including my effusive expressions of gratitude and small talk it took 5 minutes. These guys at Hanger are what's wrong with health care; trying to turn a $10 over the counter item into triple the cost plus a big bill to the insurance company. Drive the extra three miles and get better service elsewhere.
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