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At what point do Wilmington's residents say "Enough already!"? Mayor Dennis Williams has done nothing but repeatedly throw his staff under the bus for his own shortcomings. YTD, Wilmington has surpassed 2013 homicide numbers (, which were already higher than 2012. Williams is now seeking higher property and wage taxes, along with proposing an increase in sewer and water rates. He is also looking to dip into funds which are meant to act as collateral when the city is seeking credit in order to cover unnecessary overtime and other expenses which resulted from poor planning and decision making this past winter. If that weren't enough, he's now discussing going before city counsel to request a raise for his new Chief of Staff, Cleon Cauley, who currently lives in Middletown, but must have a residence within city limits to comply with terms of employment. Simple solution: Sell the house in Middletown. Taxpayers shouldn't pay you more because you don't want to give up your home in the suburbs. It would be one thing if the city's violence issues were trending in the right direction, if the horrible smell from the compost facility were subsiding, or if we were seeing a decrease in Wilmington's homeless population (judging by the group living in the wooded area behind my house, it actually seems to be on an uptick), but we're not. In fact, I've yet to see any progress from this Mayor, other than driving the City further into the red, while raising our ranking on violence indexes.
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Beginning my Twitter assault on Westboro Baptist Church, specifically @meganphelps. Feel free to join me (@MJWaters1985).
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