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Repairing the Apple Pay Vulnerability
The Apple Pay architecture works; financial institution (FI)
validation of its users once again fails miserably. FI must protect all their
customers better and Apple Pay users far better. There is no excuse for retail
FI to continue to live in the stone age...
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Samsung Pay Changes Everything
The Samsung Pay application gives retailers the chance to
control their destiny in the payment space. However, big block retailer
predilection for restricting consumer choice instead of expanding consumer
choice, likely will let this great opportunity pass ...
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A Retailer Strategy for the Payment War
Retailers need to help themselves in the payment wars. The
solution to high swipe fees; charge backs; reversals, and monopolistic
practices of the financial services industry is creating a new form of payment
acceptance that retailers control. Some national...
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Is a Retailer Revolt from EMV in the Near Future?
Bad group thinking created EMV and now bad group thinking is
trying to cram it down the throats of reluctant retailers. Threats of fines,
charge backs, increased fees, and the rest of the arsenal wielded by the major
players of the payment services industry...
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8583 is Obsolete; So Why Don’t Payment Networks Replace It
Using a bit mapped data protocol in an HTML world is a bit
like using candles to light a house. The candles only light parts of the interior;
the occupants must carry a candle around from room to room; and wax drips on
every surface with the slightest breez...
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Importance of Anonymity For Accounts Used By Students
There are numerous studies linking good nutrition and education
(see for example: ,  and ) Link...
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Will the New US Relationship with Cuba Create the First Cashless Society
Looking at the new rules for US citizens traveling to Cuba
prompts questions about what a remittance is or if access to money is the same
as money. Can a US traveler to Cuba give a potential local business associate a
payment card with an associated large v...
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Is NPR the Latest EMV Boondoggle Shill
The payment card industry push for EMV has little to do with
security and everything to do with increasing profits from retailers and
ultimately consumers. The costs to implement EMV far exceed the benefits (see
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Needed: Weapons to Attack Payment Card Attackers
Underground bazaars selling payment card data seem to
operate with impunity. The financial services industry, law enforcement
officials, and issuers, seem to relegate the monitoring and discovery of thefts
to private researchers such as Brian Krebs and his ...
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A Legal Non Bank Infrastructure for States without Criminal Marijuana Laws
The remarkable thing about governments is their persistence
in pursuing failed policies of ancient generations regardless of the harm
caused to present constituents. Fortunately a bit of imagination sidesteps the
lumbering posture of slow-moving and dim-wit...
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