My Kikik Experience

#Kikik is a popular Philippine mythical creature.

Kikik transforms into a huge bird/bat at night and prowls. The kikik looks for a sleeping pregnant woman. Then it extends a very long proboscis into the womb and kills the fetus by draining its blood. It is said that while this is taking place, a 'kik-kik-kik' sound is often heard.

In some stories, the kikik is an aswang's familiar, said to confuse people by its 'kikik' sound. If the aswang is near, the sound would be faint so that people hearing it would think that the aswang is still far away.

Last night 3AM dawn, while was still working on +Bryan Humprey Pesasico thesis project and my pregnant wife +Stephanie Saavedra was asleep, I was annoyed with a loud disturbing "kikiki-kikik" sound of a bird. I don't really believe in mythical objects but to stop the bird from monstrously tweeting a less than 140 character "kikikikikikik", I covered our glass window with a blanket plus a simple #Psalm23. Eventually it stopped.

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