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Bjorn Rune Lie illustrations are simply fabulous.
Salutations to the Great Artist. He can so easily make children get involved by their visual imagery.

Excellent poems and briefing on the Great Tamizh writer Jeya Mohan novel.
Thanks and Good luck

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Excellent write up by scholar- Damal Venkateswaran shall help readers from all over the world to understand the great significance of Shaiva Religion & devotional songs composed by Saint Nainmaar's & its impact in spreading the Awarness of Lord Shiva as the ULTIMATE CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE.

Well written and informative for those aspiring devotees planning to visit the temple at Thiruvakkarai .
Thanks and good luck

Wonderful Exhibits of Talented Artists works
Salutations to them all

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Photo Journalist K Venkatesh works are simply Great.
Salaams to him. God Bless.

Great to see the Beautiful works of Nikhil Maurya
God Bless

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Very Nice review of the novel.
I am sure readers in US & elsewhere where Feudalistic mind set still rules , shall be able to relate to the message and act with positive attitude to all other fellow human beings with sense of natural justice and equity & basic ethical values.
Kasturi G R

Thanks for the vote options. But you could have given the option of selecting at least three in order of preference.
Any way, great to gauge the pulse of the users.
Good Luck to all my Friends and the world citizen at large because they are also our friends belonging the very outer layer of the ring.
Kasturi G
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