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Brendan LaSalle
Adopt. Adapt. Improve.
Adopt. Adapt. Improve.


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Vehicle Sold Separately

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One More Louisville event:

Friday at 4 PM, Heroes Comics and Games. Its going to be a corker! I'm going to show up ready for anything - if I get all DCC noobs I'll run a character funnel, if I get old timers I'll run something more advanced, and if nobody shows I'm going to man up and try the Expert Level on my Sudoku app.

Heroes Comics and Games
361 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204

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My Saturday Kentucky Event:

I have exactly eight hours and I'm going to try to get two games in, so if you can make it early, please please please do!

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My Sunday event in Louisville - if you are in range, come and (1d3)

1 Roll
2 Eat
3 Drink

. . . the following with me:

1 Food Truck Yummies
2 Dice
3 Adult Bevvies

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My Game Hole Con events - swing out and roll some dice with me!

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Come check out +Jim Wampler, +Harley Stroh and myself tonight on AetherCon's Summer Roundtable series as we discuss all things Goodman Games!

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Is there a trick to uploading pics here? Posting my origins pics is a huge pain.

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Origins 2017!
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